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Striped Wolf


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Am I the only one getting frustrated by this? I find white wolves quite often and regularly, yet they're rare too.


I just can't seem to come across a striped wolf... and the annoying thing is, I need two of them (one to tame and one for skin for hut upgrade).


Any easier way to find them?

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I finally found one, but I used it for the hut upgrade. I don't think I'm gonna try and find another for a while yet to tame. Man, I was so happy with that. It's took all day of hunting for wolves to find one... Well, with a few missions inbetween.

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I've still never found one.


Gonna have to try this video ;)


Edit - got one without having been to the location yet. But it was thanks to your video, I didn't realise the hunter vision trials indicated a rare animal, I thought it was a wounded animal.


Saw a trial and followed it to a striped wolf. Thanks.

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have only come across 1 Striped wolf and I tamed it. However I currently have 3 Striped Wolf Pelts. Pretty sure I got them from sacks.


EDIT: Don't know if that sacks are set or random, but just got a sack with 3 Striped wolf pelts at Sweet Water Altar (where you place one of the totems)



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One of the "Kill Beasts" quests was to wipe out a wolf pack and there were two of the stripes in the group of nine. Sorry, I don't remember the location on the map. Other than those two I've only ever seen one and it was right near the beginning of the game. They have to be the rarest animal.


This is where I got mine from.

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