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Pants, Kairi, and all who have bought this. Anyone have opinions? I'm still sitting on the fence and most likely won't buy it for a while but would love to hear what everyone has to say.


A friend had the Japanese 360 version and I can say that some people will think it's pretty hard. Very open with character development but the game has, dare I say, a Dark Souls quality to it. What I mean is that you will often find yourself backtracking back to the city/base or whatever to heal.


IIRC there really are no saving/checkpoints while you are out going after an objective, so you might make it half way, and then bail, and then the next time you make it farther, and then bail, exc.


Really no clue if that just means you could aimlessly grind your way through, but there is supposed to be a huge strategy element to this.


All in all, I bet the learning curve will be a bit steep, but like a Dark Souls, strategy is highly rewarded!

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Good feedback, Saucy, thanks.


I'm downloading the free trial right now. Can someone tell me what the trial length is (or will I see it when I boot it)? I don't think I've ever done a trial before, now that I think about it :think:



Anytime, I hope I'm fairly accurate as I'm mainly going off of my friends opinions. There are a couple in depth reviews that allude to these characteristics as well. It's been so long since I've played a dungeon styled game like this, but, I welcome it! Knowing that this could be a pretty in depth game, I won't be starting it until I'm done with...you guessed it...Dark Souls 3. :) I'm so bad at multitasking RPGS.


Sorry, can't comment on the trial as I just pre-ordered. Hope you (and anyone who plays) enjoys this.

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I've heard the same about having to run away a lot. You can only save in the city, so you'll explore part of a dungeon, get stronger, retreat to heal and regroup, rinse and repeat.


I don't think it's a true roguelike where the game can flat out end, but I read support characters can die, so you have to let them heal and use other characters while they are recuperating.


Edit: This has some good info on the ambush system:



And this is a good review I read:



Their twitter has a ton of links to other reviews, videos, etc.

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It's probably the toughest dungeon crawler I've ever played but it's also quickly becoming my favorite dungeon crawler too.


Here's some info I've posted over on another site about it.


Ok, first the thoughts, this is game is a LOT of fun, probably the pinnacle of first person dungeon crawlers. :dance:


Now for some general info I've noticed which might help others.


Age - Age determines starting Life Points and also determines minimum bonus points when creating a character. The greater your character's age the fewer life points but the higher minimum bonus points they can start with. I would assume that your characters age but I've seen nothing that actually mentions if they do or not so far.


Ages 10-19 start with 3 Life Points and have minimum bonus points of 3.

Ages 20-39 start with 2 Life Points and have minimum bonus points of 5.

Ages 40-59 start with 2 Life Points and have minimum bonus points of 7.

Ages 60-99 start with 1 Life Point and have minimum bonus points of 10.


Main Character - Like was the case with Demon Gaze, the main character in Stranger of Sword City is fixed in race but unlike Demon Gaze, not fixed in sex. The main character is fixed as Human but also gets the unique Talent called Chosen One which prevents Life Points from decreasing, as well as a few other effects I won't go into. Barring any other restrictions based on age then this means you could make your main character 60 and start with the biggest set of bonus points possible, which would be 10+. I picked 40 for my main guy and with just a few bonus point rerolls he started with 11 bonus points.


Class Change - I'm putting this up towards the top because it's kind of an important one. You can change your class 5 times per character. It's 5 total changes even if it's just back and forth between 2 classes. So if you're wanting to grab abilities from different classes to put on a single character you'll want to be careful and plan out how you'll do it.


Artwork - This game features 2 different art styles. The default style is Oxijiyen which is listed as Type A in the Options menu. The other style is Yoko Tsukamoto's artwork which is listed as Type B in the Options menu. The Type selection in the Options menu only affects how the NPCs look. Unfortunately the portraits are a bit lacking in certain areas. If you want a portrait of a female holding a bow you're out of luck except for 1 and it looks like a Migmy, plus I'm not 100% certain it's female.


For character portraits there are actually 3 different styles and they're all available from the very beginning for characters you can create. The first set of portraits are done by Oxijiyen, Mogeo Fuji and Toridamono.


The second set of portraits are done by Yoko Tsukamoto and Raita Kazama.


The final set of portraits are from Experience Inc's game Students of the Round and are done by artist Satomi Murakami.


Life Points - These determine how many times a particular character can die before dying permanently. The good news is that these can be replenished in the Base area of your headquarters. Recovery has 2 speeds, a slower one that is free but takes time and an instant option that's stated as being pretty costly.


Talents - When you create any character other than the Main Character you can pick from 5 different talents. Each character can only have 1 talent and these are the same across all races.

  • Fortunate - Lower chance of being ambushed. Character Creation Bonus Points +3.
  • Educated - Specializes in item and monster identification.
  • Invincible - A sturdy body to defend against paralyze and critical attacks.
  • Intuition - Specializes in finding treasures and identifying traps.
  • Wild Eye - Detect secrets within the labyrinth with animal-like senses.

The talents you pick are entirely up to you but I went with Chosen One for my Knight. Since he'll be taking hits for other members I figured being the Chosen One might be useful. I also picked Invincible for my other front line characters. I took 1 each of Educated, Intuition and Wild Eye to round out the party. Every single character has the Identify and Open Lock skills but putting the Educated and Intuition talents on a couple characters just gives you better success at those actions.

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Played for an hour and a half and spent 45mins of that making two full parties of subs lol. Made my main a Samurai because I was thinking of front row DPS as main, then two Knights, two Fighters, two Wizards, two Dancers, and two Clerics.


Seems good so far :)



Edit: Aside from my main, I made characters identically to Scutum lol. Age 40 main, age 20 subs. Invincible for front row and one of each other for back row. Absolutely love the character creator. Wanted Dwarf stats for my Fighter but not have to look at one... so picked a fully armored clearly Human picture and went "good enough" lol.

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I'm about 2 hours in and I'm loving it. The first half hour was spent character creating. I got stuck in the first dungeon area and upon heading back with 3 dead members, I was able to have my main hero revived. It's 1000bc for a instant revival, but an actual 25 hour wait before another character is fully revived. I can see where they're going with it and I'm sure it'll get annoying.

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It doesn't seem to matter for any achievements, unless there are monsters/weapons that don't spawn on the lower ones.


You can change your difficulty in-game, but you have to buy a Butterfly Stone for a lot of money, and there are only three available in the game.

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So, I will not be finishing my trial.



Overall, it's a clean and polished looking game with great artistic value, interesting music, and RPG stat porn out the wazoo with plenty of character creation fun.


The core gameplay just... well, kinda sucks IMO.


It's monotonous, extremely repetitive and plain boring. If the old school, first person dungeon crawling gameplay of 90s PC games like Wizardry are up your alley, you will love this game.


I don't even know what else to say other than I was really bored and won't be going back. So glad I didn't cave and pay for this.

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After playing it for a while, it has its quirks. The balance is off though as you can just roll on through until you meet up with an enemy who will one shot your guys. I always have to reset cause I save every 15 minutes so I'd rather lose 15 minutes than a character I invested hours into.

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I finished the game earlier today and I can honestly say I loved it. It can be pretty challenging at some points, playing on Beginner is definitely recommended. Some of the final boss battles can be a huge pain without the right tactics.


My completion time clocked in at about 108 hours but I restarted after the first approximately 12 hours when I understood how things worked better and decided to implement my new found knowledge.


If anyone likes Wizardry style dungeon crawlers like this (Wizardry, Etrian Odyssey, Operation Abyss, Demon Gaze, Shining in the Darkness) then I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

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  • 1 month later...

gotta say i absolutely love this game. i can understand some may find it boring but you really should atleast give the full trial a solid chance.


i love the dungeon crawling


the music


the strategy and thought you need to put into your party/character development


the challenge, seriously if your looking for a challenging turn based dungeon crawling rpg then give this game a chance.


been playing this all day everyday for the past 5 days. its so addictive.


its an 8 hour trial, just give it a chance. i was hesitant to buy this for £28 but after finally trying it out i dont regret it

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Glad to hear you guys are liking this. Considering I am just now nearing the end of Dark Souls 3, and have had the Division on the sideline for a while I may not get to this for a while.


I dunno about you guys, but I can't follow up 150 hours of Dark Souls with another 100 hour grinder. I need Co-Op, Doom, Artifex Mundi, anything but this at the moment:p


I hope by the fall there is some video guide because I really never messed with the Dungeon style games. I have early memories of some PC games that I gave up on (but was real young then) and then Elder Scrolls Arena. That was fun, but JRPGS were so healthy on the SNES then that I didn't play much PC at that time.

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I still love this game everytime I play. I haven't really grinded it to the point of beating it, but I play every few days to either level up or see how much farther I can get. The fact that in the same dungeon there are lvl 19 monsters and lvl 32 depending on what floor you are on is tough.

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