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GotY Edition DLC Question


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I just bought the Game of the Year Edition today and the case said the DLC was redeemable online only (I am on dialup so I didn't figure I'd get to play any of the DLC), however there was no code in the case and the 2nd disc appears to have most of the DLC anyway....


...but, the Harley Quinn one was not installed (even though I believe the option was included in the "Install All" and I thought it said it installed also) and the front of the case says it needs an internet connection. Anybody know why all the other DLC was on Disc 2 to install but that one requires the internet? Also, if I ever do manage to get high speed access where I live, does anybody know how to go about getting that add-on if they didn't provide a code to redeem it?

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Hmm, I had hoped somebody would have posted with some help on this one. Other people have had to have bought the GotY edition also -_-


Either way, the problem was somehow resolved.


First off, the Quinn DLC did install, I had double checked teh bonus disc and it said it was also installed, but the 10 achievements were not being seen by the game when I started to the start menu. On the box itself it said you need an internet connection for that add-on.


The other day my nephew started the game before I have and suddenly he had a 0/70 for his achievement list for the game, where before it was 0/60. Apparently the info on the box is false and no internet connection is required (which made no sense anyway if all the DLC was included on the bonus disc to begin with). You just have to go past the start screen for it to register that add-on for some reason, which I didn't do to begin with because I wasn't planning to start the game for awhile.


So, problem solved I guess.

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