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How to best enjoy this game


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I've been playing QB since April first and I think this is a very good game.

This game relies a lot on it's story mode, and the plot twists and suprises it brings you.


So, for your pleasure, my tips on how to best enjoy Quantum Break:


- Play it on Normal, for a decent and fun challenge.


- The game has Acts and Parts. These acts took me, including collectibles and being a fanboy, about 30-120 minutes each.

- The Live Action Parts are about 20-30 minutes each.


I would advise, if you can't bingeplay this, to play one act at a time. If you need to quit early, quit after a Part, not during one. The Live action parts summarize what happened last time.


- Try reading all collectibles, they enhance the plot.


- Don't check out the Achievements beforehand. They spoil the plot.


- Buy a big screen TV and play in the dark.


Soo, that's kind of it. Have fun, I know I did :)


And once you're done:


- Replay the game, on hard, with different ingame choices :)

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The story specific achievements are all secret.


True, but not on the site :)


How long was the total playtime?


If you don't go for the collectibles, I would guess around 10 hours?

I read all of them, and after my first playthrough the counter was above 20 hours. But I did take my time.

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I Agree with all of it besides this


- Play it on Normal, for a decent and fun challenge.


Because this game is sooooooooo easy on hard with the array of time powers. all in all i died 30 times and most of them were from instant kill environmental hazards and that bs 1 hit mechanic in the finale that took me a few tries to understand.

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