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Pro Golfer Achievement Guide (with videos)


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From the main menu of the game, select "single player" and then "golf." Each table is standalone and the tables can be played in any order and returned to individually at any time.


I have been asked to make videos for this achievement since there aren't really any out there.


First: The achievement description is misleading: you do not have to reach par or under on every individual table, but across the cumulative table score.


Audio is not needed for the video (just created to avoid copyright infringement), just take note of the following:

-These videos only use the Y button and left stick to adjust your shot, ignoring the B and X buttons.

-Holding down right trigger while you adjust the power with Y will give you precision control, unlike the struggle you see in the videos (thanks BionicLyon!)

-Scratching will incur a +1 penalty per turn

-Sinking a yellow ball will incur a +1 penalty per turn

-Touching a red ball will incur a +2 penalty per turn

-Pay attention to the powers used in the bottom right corner

-Be patient and utilize your turns available


Carry on!


Holes 1-18

Holes 19-36

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