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Ignored armour for too long - what to get


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So I have the lord vessel, getting myself set up for the first run with this character before I take on the four lord vessel soul bosses.

So far I have mostly leveled in attack: 40 strength, +15 Claymore +5 ascended pyro flame and a bunch of spells.

endurance and vitality are about 20 so without much good armour I can't take many hits, looking to get something a bit better and settle on something to upgrade.

I use a mix of silver knight and eastern armor (eastern is not so great, I just like the look)

I like my mobility so looking at med armor at the heaviest.


anyone wanna advise some good kit, or any way to make use of my pyromancy ie iron flesh or inner power (or is it called power within, I forget)


PS. looking at med armour sets, really wish I had killed smaugh first, ornstein armour looks bad ass

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