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Sadly no go. I'll just wait and see if it unlocks later. Thank you for trying to help.

Not sure if you need to do this but its what I did and I have all three role achievements done.


When in game, press up on dpad and select change role. The option will only show up when you have reached level 10 and unlock the role you chose.


For me personally I did this exact order; changed role, logged out out, logged back in and the achievement unlocked right away.

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Interestingly this is not an achievement issue as such, you'll notice when it doesn't unlock that the in-game feat hasn't unlocked which is the trigger for the achievement. Change role, log out and in on the character has fixed it for me for all of them.

I agree. I noticed the same thing with the feat not unlocking until logging back in, then it popped at the same time as the achievement.

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The only thing I have not tried is deleting the save file. Mostly cause I have no idea what information is stored there.

Oh if it says 100% but is still locked that's a whole different story. It's a common problem on Xbox one and the only known cure is to wait. Rest assured though that in every case the achievement eventually unlocks, but it may take many weeks

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Funny enough the feat did unlock, and when i look at my achievement list it says its 100%. However its still locked. Think i'm going to redo my powers, and see if that works. Worst case one of other six characters i'll make will be another healer.


I really do appreciate all the advice and help.


Yeah as BluWolve has said, its a bug with the achievement system, not with the game. Just keep plugging away and it should hopefully unlock soon :)

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