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GfWL Client on Win 10


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Hey guys,


I am thinking of upgrading to Windows 10, as the free upgrade apparently finishes 31st July.

Has anyone had any issues still getting GfWL achievements after upgrading?

I am hesitant as the last time I had to reinstall Windows, I lost all my GfWL saves, (SF4 online games wins - which was a pain in the @ss), even though I thought I had backed them up.


Any nightmare stories?

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Can you explain how you've make it works on Windows 10 ?


I just ran the games as usual. The games version of the GfWL client automatically signed me into Live.


Roll on 2017 -

I now have an issue where i can play Batman Arkham Asylum (normal version), or Arkham City without having to reinstall them.

I am not sure what happened as i have played them before (got quite a few achievements).

I can see the installed game files on my hard drive, but the games dont recognise them (games need the disc to play).


I can play Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition fine though. I have also tried Street Fighter x Tekken, and that works fine too.


Any ideas on how i can get back my games to play?


Not liking the way Win 10 doesn't let you use the XBox button anymore :-(

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