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Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion

Guest Scotty

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If there's anyone out there looking to grab some achievements, I'd like to hold a boosting session on Friday night at 11pm central time. Hopefully a few days in advance will be enough time to get a group of at least 10 together, 12 would be ideal. Anyone who wants achievements are welcome, bring a friend to get more people in the game. Message me on Xbox live, or respond to this. Hopefully we can get something going!

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So far I've gotten 2 responses for people who want to do some boosting tonight. With 3 people, it could be tricky to boost, so if there's anyone else out there who wants to boost tonight, send me a message on xbl. Gamertag is birdmann69. I'll be on around 10pm central time tonight. If anyone has any friends that they can invite to the game to get more people in just to help for an hour or so, that'd be helpful. A lobby of 10 would be great. I will message those who messaged me and let them know if it's happening or not. Hopefully we can get some more people and knock out some achievements!

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Sir Buzzington, Ayocin, sullen, anyone else who needs to boost cheevos: my GT is banty cakes and I can be online pretty much whenever. I need several of the character specific cheevos and the Ambush achievement from the Winter Wonderland event. I'm down to help with any cheevos you guys might need. I'm on EST time so send me a message any time!

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Alright guys, I want to try this one more time. Setting up a boosting session for this coming Friday. I know it's Christmas weekend but I'm thinking Friday would be the best time to try. This Friday at 9pm CENTRAL time I'll be on, ready to host a boosting session. Only character related achievements, because the winter ones I'm pretty sure you can't boost. Message me on Xbox live GT birdmann69 to reserve your spot. I want 10 at least, 12 would be the best. I have a few people already in the pipeline so hopefully it won't be to hard to get a full lobby. I've only got 11 achievements left, we'll all take turns and help each other, hopefully it won't take very long to get what everyone wants. Let's do this!

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Looking to get a group (all 15 people) to boost the hell outa these achivo's.


I will be on evenings from 7PM UK Time. If anybody knows the method please message below and add your gamertag and message me when you have so I can message you back when we have enough.


1.mikey 859




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I've been trying like mad to get some of these legitimately but I think it's going to have to come down to boosting for me.


No idea how to boost Overwatch though, but I'm willing to join in and help out a group in any way I can to help us all get what we need :)


Message me (HalfH3ro) if I can join in a group of like-minded players :)

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