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Most of app game no longer playable due to server closure

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The guide here should be updated to note that you can't do *ANYTHING INVOLVING EPISODES* in this game anymore since the servers have been closed. You can still download the APP version and even use the Season 1 season pass code, but when you go to watch any of the episodes, you'll get the error message: "Sorry, the Kinect Nat Geo TV service isn't available right now. Please try again later."


Confirmed as server closure here:




However, PARTY ANIMAL MODE WORKS, which is just a series of minigames. So, you'll be able to get the two Party Animal mode achievements, and *some* of the minigame-specific achievements (IF you get that minigame and meet the objectives). I got the black bear game, and unknowingly got "For the Winnie" while playing it.


It's just that anything involving the episodes themselves in unobtainable.


Now I wish I didn't download and run the app. At least it didn't cost me anything, and I got the disc version for $1.99 at Gamestop with the unused season pass code inside (which I used, obviously)

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How does this affect the DVD version, or what would be the "base" game (there's no details on the other thread, like there is here)?


Is it possible to get the original 1000gs? Does the disc-version or base game count as 100% complete, if you DO NOT download the DLC... or does it show the remaining, unobtainium achievements (yes, "Avatar" reference) that can't be unlocked???


I don't own any version of this game... I just came across a listing of it for sale and was curious about it!

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