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Takodana missing golden brick.

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The issue i got on Takodana is, when you look at the map there are four people with a lego stud above thier head (south & south east) two are Cratinus, one is Blass Tyran and the last one is Bazine Netal, they are all still highlighted, but what do i have to do? Thanks

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My issue was on Jakku.


After completing Jakku (which was my last hub to 100%), even though the overworld stats said I had 100% in all the hubs and levels, I was only at 246/250 bricks. So I checked each hub and on Jakku I was still showing one General mission. It was an obstacle course. When that was done, another obstacle course one popped up. And then when I finished that one, the last one popped up, giving me 249 gold bricks.


So as a warning, when you think you've completed everything based on the stats in the Galaxy Map, you may not have. Search around each hub in detail looking at everything.


My game froze maybe 10 times and I got stuck at least three times. Plus twice in Free Play on Chapter 6 fighting FN-2199 (going for the minikits), he had one heart left (after going through the three multi-builds) and nothing I did would advance the scene. He just stood there twirling his baton. I couldn't do a damn thing.


I hate TT Fusion games; there's always something overtly glitched in them (like Jurassic World and LEGO Movie). No wonder they're a secondary studio. TT Fusion games don't seem finished or tested and they take shortcuts (like directional arrows for ALL the races [where to go to next instead of a random blue arrow that gets lost in the background] and identifying the red bricks when you find them [although TT Games is guilty of this as well recently]).


Not as much polish as true TT Games developed games. I have had no real issues with TT Games (aside from one freeze each in both Indy 2 and Lord of the Rings and a couple of freezes in Dimensions (XB1); I've been very fortunate) but have had issues with all three TT Fusion games, this one the most (played LEGO Movie and Jurassic on the 360 and this one on the One).

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