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Stuttering after last xbox update

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Has anyone suffering from real bad frame rate drops after the recent update to xbox? I've been playing just fine then updated the xbox and relaunched the game and every 3/4 sec now everything on screen will stutter for a few secs. Really annoying cause it has cost me a really good keeper run. I've tried hard reboot, delete the game and redownload and nothing has fixed it.:think:

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I only have the odd hiccup every once in a while. Maybe every two runs or less, and it's only for a quarter of half a second or so.

Are you in the dashboard preview program? Maybe that's something to consider and wait a bit. They update for preview members quite often.


Sad to hear you lost a good run to a bug like that.

The other day, I lost a really great run to the game crushing and it was unable to reload my save. :(

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