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Anyone bored and want to do co-op challenges tonight (8/7/16)?

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OK so I will be busy for the day, BUT I am free after about 5 or 6pm EST. If anyone wants to help me get golds in co-op challenges that'd be great. I only need those achievements plus defeat 5 psychopaths in co-op and I'll have 100% on evey Xbox 360 DR games.


I will gather a bunch of Broomsticks first and maybe we go for those achievements as they are the easier ones and then we can maybe do the racing ones too.


It'd be awesome if you have the Ninja suit (for almost every challenge) and the sports fan attire (for the drink 60 alcoholic drinks since they won't puke). If you don't have these it's OK we can still get other ones done.


I will help you on any co-op achievements that you need for any DR game including DR3 and the upcoming remasters. I even have a save file for Case West just before the boss to get that co-op achievement easy for you.


Send me a message on Xbox Live at GrimmTrixX. It'll be easier for me to notice u there as I'm not here often. Thanks!

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