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Estimated Time to 100%

Estimated Time to 100%  

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  1. 1. Estimated Time to 100%

    • 0-5 Hours
    • 6-10 Hours
    • 11-15 Hours
    • 16-20 Hours
    • 21-25 Hours
    • 26-35 Hours
    • 36-50 Hours
    • 51-75 Hours
    • 76-100 Hours
    • 100+ Hours

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Voting Guidelines & Information


  1. Voted time should be based on your own personal time spent working towards 100%.
  2. Do not vote based on a "fastest possible run", but rather your own experience in playing the game.
  3. Voted time should be in-game time spent, from first starting the game to achieving 100%.
  4. Do not vote unless you have played the game.
  5. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game.
  6. Vote with honesty and integrity.
  7. This poll is in relation to the base game only, i.e. if a game has DLC achievements, do not consider these when casting your vote.
  8. We encourage you to include a post in this thread once you have voted, to share your thoughts and the reasoning behind your vote.
  9. On-topic discussion regarding a game’s estimated 100% time is welcomed in this thread.
  10. Keep discussion civil and respect the views of other players, as per standard forum rules.


If this game has a DLC pack which you feel warrants Diffitculty/Time polls, please refer to the following thread to request them (and find further information): DLC Poll Requests? Missing Polls? Post here.


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170 hrs+ (just over 7 days) / all solo play

But for perspective, in that time I:


Discovered 100% of the map (every location in each province)

Finished every Story Mission and Side Mission

Collected every Skill Point, Bonus Medal, Weapon, Weapon Accessory, Legend and Kingslayer File

Hijacked every supply convoy at least once

Stole every supply helicopter and supply plane

Completely maxed out every skill


Also, it took me longer since I had the difficulty set to Extreme. There were spots throughout the game where I gave up and just lowered the difficulty to get through. But I kept it at Extreme for probably 90% of the game, give or take.


I probably would've been motivated to suck it up had there been an achievement for keeping it on the Extreme difficulty for the whole game. Oh well.


I'm into my second playthrough now, and I just finished that horrible 1st DLC. My fingers are crossed for the second DLC coming at the end of May.

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