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Voting Guidelines & Information


  1. Do not vote unless you have played the game.
  2. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game.
  3. Do not vote based solely on the descriptions from the achievement list.
  4. A time consuming game does not necessarily equate to a difficult game, so vote accordingly.
  5. Vote with honesty and integrity.
  6. This poll is in relation to the base game only, i.e. if a game has DLC achievements, do not consider these when casting your vote.
  7. We encourage you to include a post in this thread once you have voted, to share your thoughts and the reasoning behind your vote.
  8. On-topic discussion regarding a game’s difficulty rating is welcomed in this thread.
  9. Keep discussion civil and respect the views of other players, as per standard forum rules.


If this game has a DLC pack which you feel warrants Diffitculty/Time polls, please refer to the following thread to request them (and find further information): DLC Poll Requests? Missing Polls? Post here.


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  • 2 years later...

Long story short, this is a game that will require practice. Even if you were well-versed in the last game's fighting system, you will need to not only re-learn it here, but add in all of the new moves and gadgets as well. Have fun with the predator and combat challenges, since those are a true test of skill. Solid 8/10 on difficulty.

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  • 6 months later...

There's a big divide between the campaign and combat challenge achievements. Campaign ones are mostly decent except for a few like 'AR Knight' which is a pain to do and an even bigger pain to retry if you fail. I think the combat challenges are far harder than they needed to be and the ultra low completion rates of them on Xbox Live backs me up.

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