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Hard Mode Glitch


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I completed the main quest line in about an hour (lol) but I found that hard mode hasn't unlocked yet? I got up to the quest where I have to fight sepiks perfect on hard but I only see easy (level 28) and normal (280 light or whatever) but no hard?


Anyone have this same glitch? I haven't had time to log out and hard boot yet, that comes later tonight but I'm interested in if anyone has had the same problem?

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It did work for me, but I'm stuck at 9/10 and I can't figure out what mission I'm missing.

I did em all twice now, at least the ones that let choose a difficulty for.

Does the revamped Phogod strike count?

Do I have to lower my LL for the other missions (where you can't choose a difficulty for) to show hard as the entry level?

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