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Getting Screwed Out of Quest Rewards


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So, I bought The Collection last week and have been plowing through content. Did a good chunk of TTK and am just now moving on to ROI for better gear to finish TTK... with one worry.


Quests that reward those "box" type rewards where it says you get a guaranteed legendary item have NEVER given me a legendary item, only Motes and Glimmer, as if it's dismantling them before I even get to see what it would have given me.


It's already screwed me out of an ROI reward (had only been TTK rewards until now) from completing "Glory and the Taking of It." Is this a known bug? I don't want to keep playing if I can't get my quest rewards.



Edit: And to be clear, nothing is full; inventory, vault, postmaster, etc. There is no reason for overflow and they aren't being sent anywhere. They are literally just not being given to me.

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Did some digging and apparently it is a known bug for some users on Level One faction packages. There is no solution but, as I just confirmed, Level Two faction packages work as intended.


Sucks there is no recourse but I hope this helps explain it to someone. Suck it up, pour one out for your lost gear, and continue the grind.

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