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Skipping Issues

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Has anyone experienced skipping/lagging issues. I'm currently playing offline campaign and my game keeps like skipping around and sometimes like freeze in the middle of gun battles. Very annoying. Any suggestions.


Not a single graphical error in about 20hrs of playing across all game modes (not speaking of getting kicked from servers but that's another issue).


I recommend cleaning up some space on your hard drive and doing a hard reset on your console.

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I get the same problem. I didn't encounter it much in single player, but it occurs at the start of every round in versus. It also happens when my game is loading.


Very annoying.


EDIT: It appears to happen mid-game in versus too :/


EDIT 2: According to reddit, it's been happening ever since the update.

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Two of my friends had the exact same issue.


First friend couldn't play the game because of weird graphics/geometry errors and moved the install from an external drive to the internal drive. Which was odd because his external drive is faster then the internal. USB3.0> SataIII. All of his games load faster on the external then the internal (which is the day one edition)


Second friend had the same issue and had to completely reinstall the game.


I haven't had anything happen yet... knock on wood.

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