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Achievement Walkthrough

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This walkthrough will give you all 9 achievements in the one game.



Pick up cloth diaper & baby formula from end of bed

Use formula on bottle (Lower right of screen)

Use bottle on fire. Pick up bottle as soon as it changes colour. Don’t wait too long or it will be too hot for the baby

Use diaper on Alexander (right baby)

Use warmed baby bottle on Rosella (left baby). Press A a few times, until Rosella burps

Go to Alexander. Click on mobile (toy above baby)

Walk around room avoiding toys on floor, while Graham sings to Alexander.



Run through forest. After talking to Queen, click on 3 Goblin holes.

Search cave (bed, shelves & hay). You will find a piece of the baby’s blanket in the 3rd place you search.



During Staring contest with Rosella, keep the cursor on her face until the end for Staring Superstar achievement (1/9)



From now on you need to talk to Alexander at every opportunity and keep talking until you have no prompt available to do so or the conversation repeats.

This will give you the achievements for Fostering Father (which requires hearing every conversation between Graham and Alexander) and Pestering Padre (which requires some of the conversation between the two of them.) I’m not sure which trigger “Pestering Padre”, but you will get it while going for the other achievement.


(Talk to Alexander x 3)

Click on statue, treasure on right & Trophy on left

Go to Village (Talk to Alexander x 1)

Go into shop. (2 will be closed and 1 open. It will depend on choices you made in earlier chapters which one is open)


Stack luggage.




Bottom Layer

Put 1 in Top Left corner

Put 2 on the Right

Put 3 in Bottom Left


Middle Layer

Put 4 in Top Right

Put 5 in Bottom Right Corner


Top Layer

Put 6 in Bottom Right Corner

Put 7 at Top


Win memory game for Road Trip Warrior achievement (2/9)

The answers are random each game. It’s not too hard. Write them down if you need to.

Alexander and the Queen will miss on their 2nd go and Rosella will miss on her 4th go.


Don’t pick up luggage. Try to walk off to the upper left 8 times.

After a brief visit back to the start, the game will resume with Graham carrying the luggage. Disobedient Dad achievement (3/9)

Follow the others


Ice Palace

Talk to Ice guard

(Talk to Alexander x 1)

Go up stairs.

Go right to where Alexander is.


There are many solutions for some rooms. Mine may not be the best, but they work.


For the puzzles:

U= Up (Away from player) D=Down (Towards player)

L=Left R=Right


Puzzle Room 1

(Talk to Alexander x 7)

Follow purple line from start to door by the shortest route

You will get Line Stepper achievement (4/9)


Puzzle Room 2

(Talk to Alexander x 7) for Pestering Padre achievement (5/9)




Puzzle Room 3

(Talk to Alexander x 7)




Puzzle Room 4

(Talk to Alexander x 8)


Move clear block 1 into top middle space

Move both line blocks fully left

Move clear block 1 fully right

Move both line blocks fully right

Move clear block 2 into top middle space

Move both line blocks fully left to complete puzzle


Puzzle Room 5

(Talk to Alexander x 5)




Move 1: U R D

Move 2: U R

Move 3: D L


Puzzle Room 6

Follow Alexander


Puzzle Room 7

Press A when cursor over target


Puzzle Room 8




Shoot: 1:Top Left, 2:Top Middle, 3:Top Right, 4:Bottom Right,

5:Top Middle, 6:Bottom Left, 7:Bottom Right, 8:Top Left, 9:Bottom Left


Puzzle Room 9

(Talk to Alexander x 11)




Move numbered piece in the direction(s) listed:

(1 R R) (3 U) (4 U L) (1 D D D D L)

After fire magic (Talk to Alexander x 5)

(1 L) (4 R) (2 R D R) (4 L L D) (3 D L) (2 U U U L)


Puzzle Room 10

(Talk to Alexander x 5) Fostering Father achievement (6/9)


Right Block: Move U L L U R D L U U

Left Block: Move U U R R U L L D R R U U


Go in door.


Puzzle Room 11

Go in lower door.

Pull lever. Pick up puzzle pieces. Place as mirror image.




Pull lever. Go to door and get lower half of badger statue


Go in upper door




Move 2: R U R

Move 1: U L U R

Move 3: D


Go to door and get upper half of badger statue

Put both halves of statue on pedestal in lower section of room

Go through door on right


Puzzle Room 12




Move numbered piece in the direction(s) listed:

(2 D) (3 R U) (4 U) (1 D D R) (2 U U) (1 L D D)

(4 D) (2 D D) (3 D L L D) (4 U U) (3 R R) (2 U U)

(3 L L D) (4 D D) (2 R U) (4 U L L)


Puzzle Room 13

Go to middle floor and set up room as below.

Only connecting line pieces need to be in position




Go to bottom floor and move pieces to get shields lined up.




Turn 1: x1, Turn 2: x2, Turn 3: x1. Turn 4: x3


Go to top floor. Start at 2nd from left starting position. Click on statue


Riddle Room

After choosing item(s) put it on stand in next room and open door

1) Coin

2) Pillow

3) Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

4) Pan & Cake (you will have to make 2 trips) Open door after placing both items on stand.

5) Nothing. Open door without putting anything on stand



Puzzle 14




Walk through door for Labyrinth Legend achievement (7/9)

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Go up ramps


Carving Room

Look at table on right, central pillar and statues

Repeatedly press A when prompted

Shoot Sphinx in face


Puzzle Climb with Rosella

You need to get Graham and Rosella to the top together






Puzzle Room with Queen

Shoot ice guard at top of screen for Ice Shaver achievement


This solution will gain the achievement as well.




(3 L) means move piece 3 Left,


(3 L) (Q R) (Q R) (1 U) (2 R) (Q R) (Q U) (3 D) (4 U)

(Q L) (Q L) (Q U) (4 D) (2 D) (1 L) Ice Shaver achievement (8/9)

(Q U) (Q R) (Q U)


Click on Sphinx


Final Puzzle Room

This is the minimum you need to solve to complete the room.


Take clue from statue on left

Go to chest use combination 1-4-6 click on button

Give colour code to Queen

Talk to Alexander. Get puzzle piece

Go to puzzle top middle. Click on Only 2 connecting handles.

(Upper left and it’s pair lower left) Get clue

Put 2 clues on table

Use combination L-O-V-E on door

Follow line from start to door to end game.

#1 Daventry Dad achievement (9/9)

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