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Awful. Just... Awful


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Not much good to be said about this game. Combat is clunky, basic, and simply put, terrible. Feels like a mid-90s PC ARPG before they figured out how to do controls. The narrative and writing are supposed to be funny but constantly fall flat, relying on heavy swearing and teenager-esque jokes to try and get a laugh. Anything even related to an RPG when it comes to stats and equipment is laughably basic.


This is just not a good game and definitely NOT worth asking price. Do not support this kind of lazy developing and save your money.


2/10 at best.



Edit: And combat is cheap. And it freezes. And... and...


It's as if the devs thought hey, all those things people love about RPGs, let's trivialize them, make them not fun, wrap it all up in stupid jokes and sell it for an overpriced amount. Sounds great.


And the writing... oh god. It's so, so, SO bad.

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It's not as bad as Floyd makes it out to be. Completely generic and not all that fun, but it's perfectly playable aside from the glitched achievement. I didn't really enjoy it, but it's not a broken mess either.


That said, I wouldn't really waste your money unless you just play every RPG that exists like I do.

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Honestly, this was not a bad little game. Got it cheap on the sale and it was just some mindless fun and some of the dialog was actually pretty funny. The one major issue I have with this game is the fact that is one glitched achievement in it and from reading on numerous threads it seems like there is no patch for it and this will forever be a 950 -- but it is an easy 950 and it takes little effort to tank this game in a few hours -- worth a buy when it is cheap -- avoid it when it is full price.

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I believe the broken achievement is now fixed.


Games not bad, its just not that good either, though I have had a few chuckles...


No real settings/options so you can't turn down the music.


No descriptions on items, just a couple stat changes so inventory is boring.


Corpses disappear so you can lose loot, and if you try and loot a corpse during battle and they had items, you cant move until you close the window, but your still being attacked...


all conversation is text and that has been handled poorly (words slowly appear, and if you hit :abut: instead of displaying all the words right away, it skips to the next set...)


I especially hate the loading times when you encounter enemies on the map. The game is just loading the same "room" and a few enemies, why does it take so long?

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Just finished it, and yeah, it's not great. I quite enjoyed the story and humor, the rest of it....not so much. Gameplay was fine I guess, passable, but there's tons of technical issues too numerous to ignore.


Best part was the humor that worked, my favorite joke that made me laugh the most was when one of the characters is trying interrupt a meeting, he kicks the door open, only for it to immediately slam closed back in his face. Plus that one song with whistling on the desert island level, I'd put that on my Ipod if I could find it.


4.5 out of 10 overall, it's not awful, but it's not good either. In the mediocre forgettable range. Definitely not worth it's 20 dollar normal price, but I don't regret buying it at 5 bucks.

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