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GFWLive - Getting past the ZDPP

Trunks KPH

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Sorry to ask and I couldn't find a answer this on other threads or the net but but I cannot get past the release date check for this game. It never connects to the server? all other GFWLive game i have work fine but cannot get this one past the check.


Can anyone advise a way to do this and still earn the GFWLive achievements? I have uninstalled GFWLive and the game several times and changed the date to today 2012 and run compatability for vista sp 2 etc but nothing works?


I am on windows 10 and have the retail GFWLive copy.


Any help please.

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GFWL is long gone, you should be able to redeem your game code with Steam:





Sadly you will not be able to obtain any GFWL achievements anymore, only Steam ones.

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