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All 27 Painting Locations (Art Collector)


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MISSION 1: A Long Day in Dunwall

1 00:03 Curtis, Morgan And The Postulate Child

2 00:16 The Obtuse Arguments Of Lady Boyle


MISSION 2: Edge of the World

3 00:38 High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell

4 01:18 The Outsider In Conditional Dreams

5 01:55 The Vice Overseer’s Predicate Logic

6 02:36 Hypatia’s Protective Gaze


MISSION 3: The Good Doctor

7 03:37 Duke Abele’s Propositional State

8 03:57 Anton Sokolov In Subtractive Light

9 05:04 I Regard Her, Within and Without


MISSION 4: The Clockwork Mansion

10 05:26 Ramsey's Stochastic Eyes

11 05:52 The Spymaster’s Axis Of Asymmetry

12 06:27 Jindosh Considers An Odd Numerator

13 06:52 I Look Upon The Craftsman

14 07:52 The Blood Topology Of Grim Alex

15 08:51 Light Along The Inverse Curve


MISSION 5: The Royal Conservatory

16 09:14 Ashworth Within An Existential Graph

17 09:53 My Fires Burn Within Breanna’s Marrow

18 10:18 Her Heart, I Bathed In Poison


MISSION 6: Dust District

19 11:02 Paolo and the Inaccessible Cardinal

20 11:40 Vera Moray And The Affix Of Her Skin

21 11:48 Indiscrete Time Finds Aramis Stilton


MISSION 7: A Crack in the Slab

22 12:40 The Commutative Rats And The Weeper

23 13:35 The Torturer’s Quaternionic Groan


MISSION 8: The Grand Palace

24 Daud and The Parabola of Lost Seasons

25 My Name On Their Lips

26 Her Face Is My Smile


MISSION 9: Death to the Empress

27 Lucia, His Eyes Upon Me

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