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Linx Vision gaming tablet, anyone got one?


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Just seen this is available for £99. Only havin one TV in the house it seems like a good option. Reviews are generally decent for streaming games, plus it will open up other options for windows games too. Anyone used or seen one?


Please move if this is in the wrong forum.



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I've bought one as a Christmas present for my son (well, I'm sure I'll use it a lot:D but he did ask for one). I've had a quick try and it seems to be play fine on a good wifi connection. Reviews of it are pretty good when I looked.


I'm doing a Christmas visit to family in the north east soon and will take it with me because I want to see whether it works via t'interweb 150 miles away (I'll leave my Xbox One on at home). Haven't been able to find any information on that issue.

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I think is has to be on the same wifi network at as doesn't actually use your internet connection, just the router to sent the picture basically. Someone told be it was coming though, to be able to stream to a different location.


I got one this evening and currently running the ton of updates that windows needed! It feels quality though.

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