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Season Pass on sale!!


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I grabbed it as soon as I saw it for $6 because that almost seems like a pricing mistake. Why would they wait a full year without doing a single sale even once? Never 10% off, or 25%, or 33%, or 50%. They just waited a year and went straight for an 80% off deal? I'm not complaining. 80% off seems about right for a year old season pass. It just seems like they left money on the table by not working their way down through multiple sales throughout the year. I know I would have definitely bought it for $15 back in the spring or summer.

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Couldn't pass this up, especially since it's taken so long for the pass to go on sale individually. :dance:

Yeah same. I mean, it's 80% off. Why wouldn't anyone get it for that price. It most probably won't be on sale for this kind of price in a very long time. Still can't believe that the season pass is on sale by itself for the first time ever and it's already 80% off.

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Microsoft and other publishers should try this more often, I purchased the pass without even owning the game, for £4 it was a bargain, then today i purchased the game preowned for £12, 1 very happy Raider :)


Expect buying it pre-owned doesn't give them more money :p So that doesn't really help their incentive to get more people to buy it new or directly from them.

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