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Game of the Week: January 23-29 (Rayman Origins/Legends)


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http://orig15.deviantart.net/8e6b/f/2011/330/b/a/rayman_origins___icon_by_darhymes-d4hc0ap.png http://orig10.deviantart.net/3e29/f/2013/241/f/d/rayman__legends___icon_by_blagoicons-d6k8cru.png



The Rayman series has garnered quite a following over the years and with Microsoft making another of the Rayman games free with their Games with Gold program, CET thought a Community Event was in need. Here, we'd like to introduce a new mechanic of Community Gaming to our members, something we'd like to expand on throughout 2017.



For [Rayman Origins], we'd like you to post if you've unlocked:

"I'm Back!", "Painless" or "Survivor!"


For [Rayman Legends], we'd like you to post if you've unlocked:

"Lucky!", "We could be heroes" or "They're so cute!"



All you have to do to participate in this event is post that you've unlocked one or more of the required achievements and staff will check your account. (Be sure to have your Xbox Live account set to public, please.) If you can show that you've unlocked a required achievement in both games that will double your chance to win! All verified participants go into the draw for a chance to win a $50 US Microsoft Gift Card! Be sure to tell us your gamertag and what region you're from, so we know the Microsoft Gift Card will suit your gamertag.



How to post your entry:


Go to this thread: [Experiences of Community Gaming]

Then post your entry following this simple example:



Gamertag/Region: DirtyI30, Australia/PAL Region.

Rayman Game/s and achievements unlocked



Entrants throughout the month of January who participate in CG events will go into a single draw to win a $50 US Microsoft Gift Card (or nearest equivalent for your region). The maximum amount of chances to win for an entrant in the monthly draw is 2. The lucky Winner will be announced during the first 7-10 days of each following month. For more details, see the [Changes to Community Gaming Announcement thread]



Please Read:

[spoiler=pleaseread1321]Note 1: Please be sure to post your gamertag and have your Xbox Live profile set to public, so staff can verify your entry. You can change your profile back after the event if need be.


Note 2: Only one specified achievement being unlocked is required per game. It does not matter when the achievement was/is unlocked.


Note 3: Only post your entries during the dates of the featured event. 'Before and afters' will not be counted.


Note 4: You must have 50 constructive posts to enter. (Does not apply to Subscribers.)


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I know we're still a good week off from this event, but I'm yet to try a Rayman game. Who's up for some hand holding?


The games are really easy. Very simple platformer with short beautiful levels. There might be moments that take practice to beat but nothing too difficult. Haven't started Origins yet. Legends was great, except that one achievement that took months to grind out.

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Gamertag/Region: BluWolve, Australia/PAL Region.

Game: Rayman Origins - Achievement unlocked: Painless

Game: Rayman Legends - Achievement unlocked: Lucky


This is my first time posting for the community gaming competitions, let me know if I made any errors and I will fix them up :)

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This may be a stupid question but how do I make sure my Live account is set to public? I looked all over but didn't see an option.

It can be changed in your Privacy Settings found within your profile. You're profile is currently set to public and I have verified your Rayman achievements :)

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