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Seriously 4.0 glitched

Tk l GaMBit

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today I unlocked my second to last achievement. Which was getting all the classes to lvl. 10. I was expecting the Seriously achievement to unlock right along side with it. But the tracker is still at 87 % (Which I think it was on before already). Does anybody know how to get this thing unlocked or am I screwed for good?


Never had any problems with the achievements in this game. Everything unlocked just fine. Am I right that every requirement is connected to another achievement? Using that logic I should have gotten it? Shouldn't I ?


Any help is highly appreciated!

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Man that's shifty. Only thing I can think of is where the servers were so fucked over the weekend it may not of counted what you did. Give it a couple days and if nothing happens you should try to get in contact with The Coalition and tell them. I would lose my shit if that happened to me. Hope it gets resolved soon for you. Keep us posted

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