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Speed Run Guide (great for Conversationalist)


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Using the following maps, my speed run took me just a little over 6 hours including cutscenes.






These maps show the rough location of each mission so that following these will allow you to play through the game without climbing any View Points, except the mandatory one in the Kingdom.


Since you only have to do 2 or 3 investigations you can go the whole game without doing a single Informer mission (my personal least favorite, probably because I hate time constraints). In my opinion the easiest ones are Eavesdropping and Pickpocket. Interrogation is really easy too but will require patience so I suggest the other two if you really want to get it done quickly.



*Map out the order of the missions: do the one closest to the entrance to the city, then the one furthest from the Bureau, then the one closest to the Bureau.

*You don't have to actually go to the Bureau before you start the missions, even though Al Mualim says otherwise.

*You will have to locate the Bureau (the first time) using these maps because you won't be doing view points but after that they will always be on your map.

*These maps give rough locations, so using your Eagle Vision is recommended if you're having trouble finding the mission. The people you are looking for will be white.


These maps were taken from here and assembled together with the mission locations by me.

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Hahaha.. and I thought I was the only one.. I missed the 1st conversation... oh man...


Hahaha, me too, and the ironic thing is I started over thinking I missed a conversation, but on my second playthrough, I thought there WAS no conversation, so I kept playing. So two playthroughs and no achievement. I know, I iz smahrt.

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I think I've been keeping up with all the conversations and glitches. This will definately help if I have missed something. I sure don't want to go through it again! I may have to b/c I killed a citizen by accident (well, not really) and I think I didn't have a full DNA bar when I chased down Talal (Slave Trader of Jerusalem). It was very late at night and I wasn't thinking of that. :( I'm probably only 1/3 way though this thing anyway. Going too slow. Again, thanks for the info and it will help all who want to speed through it... if that is possible.

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I just got my last flag and templar.. so this is the last achievement i need!


but damn i really dont want to play this game all the way through for this achievement hahah...


i wish you could just skip all the talking in the game... way to long if you already played the game once...

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