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At first I thought this game was tough to 1000 but after finding out how to easily get 100k score after 1 fight in high score/ caravan mode, its actually not that bad if you're trying to get all of the achievements.


For arcade mode, go into settings and set the round time to 3 seconds and difficulty to 1. Now pick any character and try to get a hit in and let the timer run out. Using this method it is possible to get up to 100k points with double perfects/0 timer in just 1 match. Your points also DO NOT reset after losing and using a continue, so you can keep trying until you get 400k points.


For high score and caravan mode, pick a character that has jumping C attack that has good reach (I used JURI). You want your first opponent to be GUNTER. If your first opponent is not GUNTER, lose the fight and let the game restart over without using the back button. Once your first opponent is GUNTER, you can start the method for getting your high scores. If you fail the method I'm about to mention, press back and restart and pick the same character you chose when your first opponent was GUNTER and you will always face off against him first, even if you accidentally go back to the main screen.


Round 1: What you want to do at the start of the round is hold back because GUNTER will walk forward into jumping distance, usually before he jumps he will stop and wait for about 1 to 2 seconds. It will take a few tries to get the feel for how he sets up his attack, but he will consistently try to jump C you 2 times in a row and all you have to do is jump straight up and kick him out of the air, once he is down 90% of his health, he will dizzy, to where you can walk up close and press C and kill him. Rinse and repeat. Round 2 he usually changes up his tactics slightly, but goes back to his jump forward C strats, so be careful.



Hope this helps someone decide to try and 1000 this game. its not as hard as it actually seems to be..

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