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Some Tips (Class/Gear/Etc)

Jazz Apples

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I beat the game and 100%'d this last year and found my notes from it. I couldn't really find much (at the time, not sure about now) and most of it was google translating Japanese pages. These builds are just what I did.


Here's some additional tips and what my classes and gear were. Also what I did for the final boss and the vampire maidens fight.


Hope this helps someone. Save often just in case your party gets one-shotted (I have had this happen haha)




I first started characters as their intended class. Probably better to make a character class starting with the first class change as the main class but making the stats suited for the final class (ex: for fighter, start as samurai but use base stats for a fighter - this will give an extra class change, except for cleric/wizard. Don't class change those until late). This is how I did my characters (I should have went straight to Samurai instead of starting as Fighter, but it all worked out in the end) (Final party was: Fighter, Knight, Ninja, Ranger, Wizard, Cleric)


-Make main char oldest (60?)


Also note: -Start a ranger at lvl 1 then immediately switch (need the HP inspect skill on someone else in case ranger dies)


Fighter -> samurai (13) -> Dancer (14) -> Ninja (15) -> knight (13) -> Ranger (28) -> Fighter


knight -> ninja (15) -> dancer (14) -> Fighter (13) -> Knight


ninja (15)-> samurai (13) -> Dancer (14) -> Knight (13) -> Fighter (13) -> Ninja


ranger (28) -> Dancer (14) -> Fighter (28) -> ???* (in my play through I didn't class change ranger at all)


wizard (27) -> Dancer (18) for Item Trick 2 -> cleric (25) -> Wizard (in hindsight, change classes toward the endgame when you level up faster )


cleric (25) -> Dancer (18) for item trick 2 -> wizard (27) -> Cleric (same as above)


*Ranger is going to need some def abilities before switching to final class, maybe ninja and knight skills


Class Stats:


Fighter - AGI -> 25 then LUC (if dual-wielding)*

*going to need 20str and 20luc if duel wielding swords for end game. if using knuckles - need luc 20's

Ninja -> AGI to 25 first then LUC (max) then AGI (max) then STR also PIE to 10

Knight -> STR 25 then VIT (30) and go LUC (20) (Get 10 PIE for 1hd, 11 PIE for 2hd)

Ranger -> 24 STR + 29 AGI (end game bow), 23 LUC

(lots of bows have 10 PIE req) (would get 10 PIE after STR)

Cleric - 22 PIE + 22 INT

Wizard - 20 PIE + 20 INT


Divinity Path:


flash escape

holy light 1

black wall 1

x charge 1

soul wall 1

sword bond 1

holy light 2

dragon fist 1

soul wall 2

black wall 2

dragon fist 2

giant 1

light veil

saint sign


Where to go in the beginning of the game and what to do:


-Go to Valley of the ruined in slums first before M. of Fire

- then shadow palace

-Must turn in 3 blood crystals (to anyone) to progress story

-Go to M.o.f and at locked door, must defeat 2 lineages in east forest

. first is in north east part (east of stone)

. second is lower east, with the item from the first lineage to get through the hidden path

-turn in blood crystal. Talk to Marilith or whoever, exit and enter guild base a few times. Will begin quest A New Labyrinth

-Before mausoluem of sea, must complete the m. of fire. After events go into gate at north of valley

M. of fire - ambush fly underground then ambush next above ground

-After m. of fire events can progress through m. of sea

-Suggest grinding m. of ice before sea, then going through m. of sea


*ghost town is through the m. of metal*


Other tips:


-4hrs per battle while reviving/recovering

-Kraken use holy weap on

-Mythril golem is a spirit

-Sword bond buffs and light veil are always in effect


Unique Gear/Weapons to collect (with what stats needed to equip) that is anti-immortal(demon):


Muramasa: agi20 all type

shield emperor: vit26 luc21 all type

skyland shield: vit23 all type

spear empress: luc20

skyland armor: vit23 demon

dran katar: agi28 all type

small muramasa: agi15 all type

mechanic armor: vit21 demon, god

gold bow: agi20 luc15 demon


Anti-God weapons/gear (including what stats needed to equip):


Sword 1h:


drancaliber (S) - all type , crit str/luc20

X brand (S) - all type, k.o. - all stats need to be +20 to use



Katana 1h:


(Small muramasa?) Tadashi Komura (A) 57 66x3

Muramasa (S)


Prob weapon too high level to drop (characters are too low level with avg of 40):

Lunar Tadashi Komura (S) 125x3

Lunar Tadashi Omura (S) 158x3

Tadashi Kamimura (S) 181x3


Spear 1h:


Dran Pike (S) - all type - str/vit25 -




valkyrius (S) - all type str23

hades's halberd (S) - str27 vit22 - 602x1 - human/creat/imm/spirit




Dran bow (S) - all type - str24 agi29 - 466x1




dran shield (S) - all type 24str 29vit




Hair ornaments of the star of the seat (A) 65

Barrette of Muramasa (A) 69 (Muramasa Band) - god agi25

lumi's tiara (S) - demon




Armor of clockwork (A) 63 -2 hit 7avoid 23def (check) (this is mechanic armor)

dran shell (S) - all type vit30




Helmet of clockwork (A) 65

shogun helmet - dropped (S)

dran head (S) - all type vit 29




phoenix trinkets (A) 57 (phoenix equipment? gives auto revive)

Start of the seat of the ankh (A) 65 (star ankh) (from mimic I think)


Got a rare talisman (dark dragon scale (S)) from mimic treasure trap




muramasa clothes (S) - god agi25

star clothing of some sort? (S) -

village clothing (S) -

Eltha Robe (S) - int20 pie20 - human/creat/imm/spirit/demon




Skyland Undies (A) 63 - demon int/pie 20

Star Undies (A) ?? - all type int/pie 22

dragon god's aura (S) -

spirit god's aura (S) -

dran tights (S) - all type vit28

overlord's aura (S) -


This stuff above is dropping at party level - 33, 38, 38, 39, 27, 26 ~ avg 40


Vampire Maidens:


*For the fight I switched my Wizard and Cleric to Dancers for triple item use*

Going to want to farm anti-immortal weapons in Ark - (straight ahead) kinwazabyo - every type of loot drops - even got small masamune from gold katana chest, equip all for lineage fight.


Fight strategy:


Have Wiz and Cleric use triple item use - spam multi-hit and multi-avoid, enhance magic, use large holy bottles for vampire adds, use anti-immortal weaps (ones with double circle) *GO FARM THESE IF HAVE NONE*, beserk on fighter , attack with everyone even knight


Final Boss Strategy:


-holy light 2

-light veil

-keep up black wall 2, giant, soul wall 2


fighter - genocide

knight - iron def

ninja - assassinate + crit hit

ranger - attack + snipe

wiz - master cast + tri bolt + enhance magic

cleric - master cast + avoid/hit + enhance magic - heal as needed, force guard, divine armor on knight

My final Gear, Levels, Stats, Talent:

Fighter lvl 36 (13 fighter>13 samurai>14dancer>15ninja>28ranger>fighter):

hp: 1927


Main/off hand: Sky Castle Sword/Small muramasa

head: hunter's Mask+12

body: mechanic armor+6

underwear: light aura

acc: str amulet+18


Res: 28 SRes: 26 sen: 17

Talent: chosen one


24str 9int/pie 20vit 29agi 10luc

hit 47

avoid 42

def 106

absorb 22



katana soul

hunter's secret

cicada shell

assassin dagger


weapon trick

dual wielding

evade training


Kinght lvl 40 (13kinght>15ninja>14dancer>13fighter>knight):



main/off: dran pike/shield emperor

h: dran head

b: dran shell

under: dran tights

acc: dark dragon scale


res/sres/sen: 64/55/6

talent: invincible

26str 6int 10pie 30vit 6agi 26luc


hit 45

avoid 54

def 151

absorb 64



weapon trick


unyielding will

cicada shell


evade training

assassin dagger



Ninja lvl 40 (15ninja>13samurai>14dancer>13fighter>13knight>ninja):

hp: 1296


main/off: muramasa/dran katar

head: muramasa band

b: muramasa clothes

und: dragon god's aura

acc: stranger's badge


res/sres/sen: 41/45/6


12str 7int 10pie 15vit 33agi 28luc


hit 67

avoid 54

def 75

absorb 29




trick 1

weapon tick

carnage front

trained def

duel wielding

unyielding will




Ranger lvl 42 (no class changes):

hp: 1152


main hand: dran bow (2h)

h: lumi's tiara

b: crystal shadow

und: spirit god's aura

acc: dragon scale +8


res/sres/sen: 39/43/29

talent; wild eye

26str 7int 6pie 18vit 27agi 24luc


hit 63

avoid 31

def 62

absorb 26





Wizard lvl 31 (30wiz>26clr>18dancer>wiz):

hp: 1326


main/off: holy wand+7/holy shield+5

h: wizard's cone+15

b: eltha robe

und: star undies

acc: star ankh


res/sres/sen: 38/40/84

talent: intuition

7str 29int 26pie 15vit 10agi 8luc


hit 40

avoid 40

def 93

absorb 21




mana heal 2

trick 2

holy spirit

learn holy 4

learn holy 2

master saint


Cleric lvl 30 (30cleric>27wiz>18dancer>cleric):



main/off: grand soul wand+9/mythril shield+5

h: star barrette

b: spirit robe +11

und: elder tights+10

acc: phoenix equipment+1


res/sres/sen: 37/41/47

talent: educated


6str 10int 32pie 15vit 11agi 20luc


hit 40

avoid 31

def 106

absorb 15




trick 2

enhance magic

sword song

magic master

master cast

learn magic 4

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