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Intrinsic Value bugged?

FXH Reaper

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I have tried to get this and can not get it to work, I even looked up a few videos on this to make sure I am doing it correctly. Has anyone else had this problem or am I attempting to do this too early?

Nope , unlocked my first try. You need to use the recycler charge and be close not too close and get sucked in

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It appears you have to reinstall if it glitches out on you, I found someone in the YT comments who had the same problem and that was how they got it working again. Just in the off chance someone else thinks they may have the problem here is a way to make sure, if you throw the grenade but it does not suck you toward it you probably have the chip set on.


As Genesis x360a mentioned it will prevent you from being sucked in, you can still be moved by objects getting sucked in so it's best to use two grenades; one to clear the area out and the second to test yourself. I made sure I had no chips installed and would use the recycle grenade, I would be dragged to it but I would still have ten health left. I tested different angles to make sure I wasn't too far out or too close but had the same results. So if nothing is working try to reinstall the game.

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