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OF: Red River - Valley of Death DLC Guide & Roadmap

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DLC: Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Valley of Death


Difficulty: 6/10

Time to 125:gsicon:: 10+ Hours

Unobtainable: None


Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Valley of Death DLC



Welcome back to Operation Flashpoint: Red River. The Valley of Death (VOD) DLC features two new locales and 8 new Fireteam Engagements for you to play solo with A.I. or with up to three friends online.


Abbreviated Walkthrough:

There are no new FTE game modes included in this DLC, just new maps. There are two each of Combat Sweep, CSAR, Last Stand and Rolling Thunder. Of these modes, Last Stand is harder than in the original game because the point threshold is higher for getting a Gold rating (the two original Last Stand maps were 80,000 each; the two VOD maps are 500,000 each).


Two of the five achievements are relatively easy, which are “Unstoppable” and “More Speed, Less Haste”. For “Lethal Modelling Clay”, you’re going to have to endure Last Stand mode until at least Stage 4 for the tanks to show up (they only appear in this mode). Then it’s just a matter of blowing one up with your C4.


VOD Master” is for obtaining a Gold rating on all 8 VOD maps. As said previously, Last Stand is the hardest of these and each Last Stand map will take you approximately one hour to complete. Each of the other maps in the other modes will take you between 10 and 20 minutes to complete. Make sure all four players survive to get the bonuses.


The final achievement, “Millionaires’ Club”, requires you to complete a VOD Last Stand map with more than 1 million points. It is recommended that you play with four human players and they are all high level Grenadiers. Of the two VOD maps, ‘The High Ground’ is easiest to get these points on as the enemies basically come from one direction. By using your grenade launcher almost exclusively (with one or two players equipped with the Javelin to destroy vehicles more efficiently), obtaining 1 million points should take roughly two hours.

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http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/1585/UPp4eB0=.jpg VOD Master 50:gsicon:

Obtain a Gold rating on all VOD FTE maps


There are 8 FTE maps in the DLC, two in each mission type. You need to obtain a Gold rating on each of them which is accomplished by obtaining a certain score. To obtain the score, you need to accomplish as many objectives in the mission as possible.


Once you’ve obtained a Gold rating in all 8 VOD FTE maps, the achievement will unlock. It is recommended that you have a full team to do these.


Combat Sweep


  • Maps: Cordon & Search’ and ‘Concrete Jungle
  • Score Requirements: 350,000 (C&S) and 320,000 (CJ)
  • Requirements for Gold: You need to kill every enemy on the map and destroy three hidden weapons caches. Once you have done that, make it to the extraction point. There is a bonus that counts down; the more time you take, the less your bonus will be. You should be able to get Gold if your bonus doesn’t go below x3.5 and all four players survive.



  • Maps: Smash & Grab’ and ‘Shepherd’s Watch
  • Score Requirements: 110,000 for each
  • Requirements for Gold: You need to rescue both pilots and destroy the downed helicopter. Make it to the extraction point without either pilot (or players) getting killed and you should have enough points for Gold.

Rolling Thunder

  • Maps: Cattle Drive’ and ‘Red-Eye
  • Score Requirements: 70,000 for each
  • Requirements for Gold: None of the four convoy Humvees can be destroyed. You can lose a convoy soldier here and there, but lose too many and you might not obtain enough points to get Gold. Stop the convoy periodically to repair the vehicles and to clear out enemies in front of you before moving on, but remember, you lose points each time the convoy stops.

Last Stand


  • Maps: The High Ground’ and ‘Hold the Line
  • Score Requirements: 500,000 for each
  • Requirements for Gold: These two maps are much harder than the main game’s Last Stand maps. It is recommended that you don’t try these with less than four human players. You can attempt this with three humans, but make sure the A.I. is a Level 20 in whatever class you select for it. It is recommended that all players are a high level Grenadier. Your target score is going to be roughly 340,000 points (which will happen around Stage 4 or 5, depending on your efficiency). Communication and a good strategy are key to succeeding. When you reach that score, call for the extraction (walk into the purple smoke) and make sure that all four players survive to be extracted. If they do, you will receive a x1.5 bonus which will bring you above the 500,000 points required for Gold.
  • Refer to “Millionaires’ Club” for a good strategy for getting these easily.

CuppaChoc has written a comprehensive survival guide for the Last Stand map ‘Hold the Line’ as it is more difficult to obtain Gold on than ‘The High Ground’. You can find it HERE.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/1585/UPuYgI4=.jpg Unstoppable 20:gsicon:

Complete a VOD Rolling Thunder map without the convoy ever stopping


There is an easy way to do this. When you start a Rolling Thunder mission on either of the VOD maps, before you get in the Humvee to initiate the convoy, shoot every single person in the other Humvees until Mustang says that the mission is scrubbed. You will still have to make it to the destination, so jump in a Humvee and book it to the marker. Once you have reached your destination, the achievement will unlock.


If you are playing with others online, the host should be doing the killing. If someone else does it, there’s a chance that they will get booted from the game.


http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/1585/UPi-lIA=.jpg Millionaires' Club 20:gsicon:

Complete a VOD Last Stand map with over 1 million points


It is highly recommended that you don’t attempt this with less than four human players if possible. Having all human players is far more effective than three human and one A.I. players, but it is doable to unlock this achievement with just three humans. Note that the A.I. doesn’t fight as well and having four humans will alleviate the squad leader from having to constantly issue commands to the A.I. when they could be doing something more important. It’s your choice.


Of the two VOD maps, this is much easier to unlock on ‘The High Ground’. In the Last Stand game mode, you start off with four (4) deploys and for every stage you complete you gain four more.


At some point before you’re ready to extract, it is recommended that you call in the extraction helicopter early so when you are finally ready to withdraw, the helicopter is already there. Otherwise you will have to wait almost a minute for it to get into position. It will remain ready to lift off the entire duration of the mission.


All players should be high level Grenadiers and have the M4A1 rifle equipped with the M203 grenade launcher attachment. They should also equip C4 Charges and M21 AT Mines or M14 AP Mines. Depending on their XP level, it is suggested that you assign the ‘Advanced Demolitions Training’ B-Mod and either the ‘Grenades Ammo Pack’ (to hold more grenades and M203 rounds), ‘Demolitions Ammo’ (to hold more C4 and Mines) or ‘M203 HEDP Rounds’ (for higher damage M203 rounds) S-Mod.


On this map, enemies generally only come from one direction (the valley). You will get the occasional APC or tank along the back road of the base in later stages (where your extraction point is), but if there is one player, equipped with a Javelin (just in case), in the elevated structure in the center of the Main Area keeping an eye on the road, there shouldn’t be any real issues. That person should also be laying down C4 and AT mines at every opportunity as not to get overrun (you have three of each at your disposal by default [without the ‘Demolitions Ammo’ S-Mod] but you cannot replenish these two gadgets unless you die). When there aren’t any vehicles to destroy, they should be concentrating their efforts in the same direction as the other players (to the valley).


Of the three remaining players, one should be equipped with a Javelin to take out the technical trucks, APCs and tanks that come from the valley. In later stages, there are also attack helicopters that need to be destroyed. These players should be standing against the short wall overlooking the valley firing their grenade launchers exclusively. Have one player concentrate their efforts to the right/middle and one to the left/middle. The Javelin player should go between them, switching between grenade launcher and Javelin as necessary. In later stages, that player will be using the Javelin more than the grenade launcher.


Communication is key, whether it’s calling out vehicles, running out of ammo or you are downed. Make sure that everyone doesn’t go to refill their ammo at the same time. Always have someone shooting at the enemies. Rifle and M203 ammo are in the Main Area directly under the American flag. Javelin ammo is close to that for the player in the elevated structure. For the other player with the Javelin, there is an ammo cache directly behind the short wall.


The first couple of stages are just infantry and light vehicles (technical trucks). Starting with Stage 3, Spec Ops teams start to show up, and in later waves, APCs arrive. Stage 4 introduces tanks with attack helicopters appearing in later waves. Listen to Mustang calling out if areas are being overrun. Make it a point to clear those areas immediately as you can quickly become overwhelmed. More often than not a lone enemy may make it up to your position so eliminate him as quick as possible. If everyone performs the role they are tasked with, once you get in the groove, it should run relatively smooth and efficient.


It will be time to extract when you’ve reached no less than 670,000 points (which will happen around Stage 7 or 8, depending on your efficiency). It is up to you if you want to complete the current wave before running for the helicopter. With all four players alive, you will receive a x1.5 bonus which will take you over the 1 million points necessary for this achievement.


Thanks to CuppaChoc for a more in-depth strategy guide for this achievement. You can find it HERE.


Thanks to TheTruegamer3000 for the video (the video is mislabeled ‘Hold the Line’; it is actually ‘The High Ground’):


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http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/1585/UPlfbBM=.jpg More Speed, Less Haste 20:gsicon:

Find the pilots & destroy the chopper in under 5 minutes on a VOD CSAR map


This is as simple as it sounds and can be accomplished on either VOD CSAR maps. It is recommended that you destroy the chopper first as when you find the pilot and co-pilot, there will be waves of reinforcements, making it more difficult to get to the downed chopper. Once you have found both pilots and destroyed the chopper, the achievement will unlock.



http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/1585/UPhZcag=.jpg Lethal Modelling Clay 15:gsicon:

Destroy an enemy tank with C4 on any of the VOD maps


This is best done on the map ‘The High Ground’ while playing Last Stand (as tanks only appear in this mode). C4 is only available while playing as the Grenadier so make sure it is in your loadout (class setup) before you start playing.


During Stage 4, heavy armored vehicles start to appear in greater numbers in the form of APCs and tanks. They come from both the valley and along the back road (where your extraction marker is). The best way to get this achievement is to lay down C4 along that back road and wait for a tank to roll up (press :bbut: until the C4 appears and press :rtbut: to throw it down). You can only lay down one C4 explosive at a time. Then, secure yourself in the elevated structure in the Main Area and keep watching that road for a tank. When one shows up, press :bbut: to select your detonator and when the tank rolls over your C4, press :rtbut: to blow it up.


You can attempt this on ‘Hold the Line’ as well as tanks show up earlier (during Stage 3), but since that map is more open, it might be difficult to find one spot to hole up and wait for a tank.

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