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ARE SERVERS STILL DOWN ? and Private game question

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Hi im looking for someone who wants to boost achievements with me..well take turns being jason and mop all random achievements while at it..mess me if ur serious about it gt: MaLiKoNe


I would like to get the Achievements as well as the Badges.


gamertag: The Crazy Beard




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Hi are these dam servers up or down ? it the 1st June 2017 and still cant get in to normal game all i get it finding dam stupid game all the time waited over 3 min's my friend said they had got in not sure why i cant.Im not reallt getting fed up with this server issue etc.:(


Matchmaking is turned off due to server and game stability issues which likely won't be resolved until at least the first title update is released which is in certification with Microsoft. That update is not expected to release this week.


You have to set up or join through private games using the built in Xbox LFG and Clubs and the Recent Players list. You can join immediately by viewing someone's profile and clicking join game as long as their room without being friends with the person who posted on LFG or through your recent history.



Refer to official channels for updates:






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Just downloaded a new patch for this and guess what still can't find a game.


If you read the patch notes or anything on their social sites there is talk of matchmaking not being 100%.


I would say it's better to just stick with LFG even if matchmaking were working given the abundance of people using LFG, sticking around for multiple games and using microphones. You often find people to continue playing with later on rather than some random with no mic.

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