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The state of Andromeda should be MORE of a reason to pay attention to Anthem, seeing as this is the game that got all of those resources. Bioware knows why people buy their games, plus, they got writers from previous Mass Effect games, and KOTOR for this. You don't sign those checks without making story a focus. I'm skeptical too, but I'd like to be optimistic about this one. Has me interested so far.

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I really wish that I could get hyped for this game. It looks to have cost a small fortune and it has great visuals. Other than that though.


From the things I´ve seen it just looks like a bland Destiny wanna be game. The trailer was just a bunch of mech guys shooting and flying. No hint of a story with any sort of depth and that worries me.


The fact that they prioritized this game over ME:Andromeda just feels like a EA business move to me. They know that Destiny look a likes can be riddled with micro-transactions and the like and that makes business sense. It also ties in with the dreaded "games as a service" nightmare.


I hope I am proved wrong but right now I think of this a pretty looking mediocrity. :(

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With them banning that fella who found Anthems loot cave, they're even following in Fallout 76's footsteps.


Definitely not the smartest move either. They banned someone who has a huge following. So him posting a video of him banned people who follow him will not play the game

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