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Staff vs. Site 2017 Revenge of the Staff?


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Staff vs. Site is back again! In last year's competition the site team ended up winning handily despite a strong effort by an outnumbered staff in round 1. This year we have some rules changes to try to even the odds up just a bit. Remember this is still a work in progress in terms of trying to figure out a balance between teams that are likely to be very uneven. But we hope that this year's competition might be more sporting. On to the rules!





Who can participate?


Anyone who meets these basic entry requirements:


  • Your gamertag must have achievements dated at least one year ago.
  • Your join date on the forum must be no later than June 1st, 2017 (if a subscriber, no limit).
  • You must have at least 20 posts in the forum, including at least one in the last 30 days. (if a subscriber, no limit)
  • Your profile on xbox.com must be set to public.


How are the teams decided?


Well, obviously the teams are staff members on one team and the rest of the site on the other. New Rules are in place to try to even things up a bit if staff is outnumbered.


Signup Thread:




When does this take place?


Signup begins today the 23rd of June and will continue through Friday the 30th. Round One will begin the 3rd of July and will run one week. There will be no round shutdown this time around. Round Two will begin the 10th of July and will run one week. Round Three (if necessary) begins the 17th of July and will run one week. We will be running off Central Daylight Time (CDT) due to score tracking requirements and the location of staff doing that tracking. So rounds begin 1 second after 12am CDT on each stated date.


How does a team win?


Scoring will be the main change this time around. As site will likely outnumber staff, the final team "score" for each round will be average number of completions per team member. For instance, if site team has 25 members and gets 75 completions in a round, their score for that round is 3. If staff has 10 members and gets 28, their score is 2.8.


Depending on how signups go we may alter this slightly. If site team gets an absurd amount of signups it is likely to only hurt their average so we may implement a system where only the top X site team scores count. Where X is equal to 1.5 or maybe 2 times the size of the staff team.


Genres will also be selected differently this time around. Round 1 will feature one genre selected by the staff team. Round 2 will feature one genre selected by the site team. These genres can not be the same. Round 3 will feature two genres selected by random.org with the previous genres selected by the teams removed from the random selection.


The staff team's genre selection is included within this post. Site team will be expected to post their selection in the discussion thread by Friday, July 7th. Or you will be subject to the whims of random.org


*note that all members of the staff team other than myself did not know about these genre selections rules until Wednesday, June 21st.


A completion for this tourney is defined as all achievements currently available for a game. Retail + DLC. If a game adds DLC while genre eligible any credited completions will be revoked until that DLC is finished.


Obviously, the standard rules of "don't cheat" apply. Follow the TOU of this site and Xbox LIVE and you'll be fine. All disputes and questions once competition begins will be handled by bplayak.


Once you complete a qualifying game, post the following in the scoring thread:


Due to recent changes to xbox.com, score reporting will be simplified for this tournament. Simply post your Gamertag, the relevant game(s) and the final achievement for each game. No hyperlinking. A format will be provided in the scoring thread found here:




Aside from that, every game with achievements counts. Retail, XBLA, Windows 8, GFWL, Windows Phone, Xbox One... if it has achievements it can be used. Though the final achievement must be unlocked online during the round.



Round 1 Genre: Adventure

Round 2 Genre: Action

Round 3 Genres: Party, Fighting



Round 1 Results: [TBD]

Round 2 Results: [TBD]

Round 3 Results: [TBD]



General Discussion and Banter Thread:



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So just to be clear pre-loading is fine right? As long as we pop the final achievement during that week?

Yes, that is correct. Preloading is allowed :)


Retail, XBLA, Windows 8, GFWL, Windows Phone, Xbox One... if it has achievements it can be used. Though the final achievement must be unlocked online during the round.
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I might as well. Hopefully Round 3 does happen, because that's my vacation week. Though I don't want to make that seem like "yeah gonna just grind out those completions all at once...mhm".


I'm generally casual with it...the one year I got a lot done was when I felt like I had more free time to achieve it. Could go to other towns, grab up quick and easy sports games...where was all that free time coming from? I know I was working...:think:

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