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I'm looking for suggestions for games with more specific requirements


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I don't see any normal threads in this form so I apologize if I'm not supposed to post here like this.


I'm organizing a personal gamerscore challenge to see how much I can earn in a single day. I'll be starting just after midnight and trying to marathon it for as long as I can in that 24 hour period.


I'm putting a lot of planning into this and I probably won't start until next month. I'm currently acquiring a lot of those easy games and even practicing them on dummy accounts so there's no learning curve on the day of.


What I'm looking for now, though, are suggestions for games that offer a chunk of gamerscore in a short amount of time. It's not something that I need to be able to complete in an hour or two, but ideally something I can quickly get some achievements worth maybe a few hundred gamerscore.


These games will have to be completable. Ideally without a crazy time investment. I won't play any games that have unobtainable achievements and I'd rather not use anything that's going to take a major time investment to finish. I just want the quick gamerscore on that day and then will plan on going back and completing all of these games down the line.


I guess I'm envisioning games like Volgarr the Viking where you can get five or six 50 point achievements right from the start in about 10 minutes if you know what you're doing. But it could even be something that I would have to play through for several hours in advance to get to a point that I could hammer out a chunk of gamerscore quickly. I'm open for any suggestions along these lines. Thanks.

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Any of the games in the Under 5 hour thread that has an asterisk (*) can be completed in 2 hours and under. There's about 45 games. In 24 hours you can complete 15-20 of them with 1000G in each.




There's literally thousands of 360/X1 games that you could use for 1 or 2 achievements here and there. It would be impossible to list a good number of them so they would be beneficial to you. I just don't see how playing three different games in an hour for 500G is better than one game in the same amount of time for 1000G. Unfortunately a lot of the higher value gamerscores in games come after you've played the game for a while (like completing the game or getting all collectibles).


Your best bet is to research the games in the above list with asterisks and see how long they really take. For instance, you can get an easy 800G in Ben-Hur, Gone Home and Refunct in about 20-30 minutes each. And there are a lot that you can get the full 1000G in that same amount of time (most of the NEOGEO games, Energy Cycle, Cubot and Backyard Football 2010).


You can get maybe 500G in Roblox and Duke Nukem 3D Anniversary (use cheat codes) in like 30 minutes. Avatar takes less than 2 minutes for the full 1000G. I believe for King Kong you can use a cheat code to unlock all the levels and get 800G in like 5 minutes.


The Park and Her Majesty's SPIFFING can be done in 45 minutes each. All four of the 2K6 sports games can be done in under an hour each.


If you have a PC and a copy of Fallout 3 for Games for Windows Live you can get 1550G in about 20 minutes.

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Can you still do this? I heard that you can get in trouble for using the in game cheats and they'd wipe any achievements you've earned.


If the game is still available, then you should still be able to do it. It's a developer cheat, so you can't get banned/reset/anything for it.

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