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I adore this game. Good, mindless fun. But some tips for anybody starting out.


1) Most expensive does not equal best money generation. Lower priced businesses can generate more money...significantly more in cases, then the high priced stuff. For a long time, banks were unbelievably valuable...far more so than higher priced things. At end game, casinos generate several times more money (thanks to boosts tied to fast food, religious buildings, and banks) than game developers and cost far less.


2) When choosing building upgrades, any that boost "efficiency" based on number of other buildings are god sends. Especially if the building that improves efficiency is a lower price building.


3) Save up for the unicorn gun. Best gun in game by far.


4) Invest in the upgrade that gives you a 2% of enemy kills leaving managers behind.


5) Middle managers are huge. When you max them out, you're doubling your income every second. If your health is getting low, run back to homebase because 36 managers are a pain to collect.


6) The enemy arena battles are a great way to kill time and generate money.

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