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Dungeon and Soulforge update

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So I got the update early this morning. Unfortunately I can't check out the Soulforge because I didn't do that nation's questline yet. Anyone been able to tinker with it? I'm curious if you can craft any troop in the game, and how much grinding that will take for materials.


Edit: found this on TA to forge Xathenos for the achievement...




HOLY. FUCK. 350,000 souls among everything else. Ridiculous.

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Now I finally know what to do with my 670,000+ souls!


Gift them to me! haha. I'm sure it won't be too bad once I figure out what troops I have and which I can use to setup grinding teams. I've never really had to before and I'm just crushing everything with my Desert Troll and Zephyros combo.

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Anyone had the Daily Deal available for purchase? It says you just need to beat the first boss but it's never unlocked. The Gem Bounty (which has the same requirement) has unlocked the last two days I've done the dungeon.


@cuddy: If it was guaranteed I'd get the troop, I'd probably spend the $50 but since it can be ANY mythic I'm not gonna risk it.

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Ah, thanks for confirming. They have been very good about communication and fixing things quickly. It's a very well supported game but until now there hasn't been something super grindy like this so it's a bit disappointing. I'll chip away at it.


Might need to organize another event to get Team Synergy next month or maybe November. That should help everyone get a lot of gems to spend in the dungeon.

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After all, I'm at 2000 diamonds (I know it's only have way), but the souls are holding me back greatly.

I looked up some teams to farm souls, though I have none of the key cards yet.

Other than that, there's only grinding through treasure maps and those are sooo boring.


This one will take forever for me, unless I get lucky on a chest drop. I heard you can get from the day 30 drop on Path of Glory II, but that's 50€ for a chance on any Mythic.

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