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Mimimi - Kill the Developers Achievement

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I think I've figured out who the developers are. I was looking around the first map using the view mode (left on D-pad and right stick) and saw one enemy that had an actually name, not just labeled 'Guard' or 'Civilian'. I believe these are the developers and killing them will get you the achievement. I've just started playing this game, I'll compile the information as I gather it. Each developer gives you 6% increase toward the achievement. I refer to these developers as male, no offense intended if they're female.


If I give a map direction i.e. north, NE corner etc. I am referring to the map position as the level starts.


Osaka Castle

Ayakawa Ohara-located near the tower that Takuma is sitting on. He is kneeling on the ground near an injured person, directly to Takuma's right (as he's facing) on the lowest level near a large orange tree.


Nakasaendo Road

Auamakushimirian-located in a dead end near officer #3, he's sleeping on the ground. Press right on D-pad and scroll down to office #3, then press A to show his location.


Imai Town

Maniwa Namekemono-located in the second part of the map opens (after rejoining Mugen). He is located between two tall blue flags where the red wagon turns around at the far end of the map.


Mount Tsuru

Domzo Abe-located in the NW corner of the map, from the starting position. He patrols across a wooden suspension bridge.

Ryota Jojotoro-very near Domzo Abe. He is resting against a wall at the top of a flight of stone steps near a pagoda.


Lord Yabu's Estate

Intafesu no jonzumasuta-located patrolling the left side of a small pond on the north end of the map.


Hida Village

Fridolusu Ferikkusu -located patrolling the north west most corner of the map. He sits outside a small building and walks into a door further north, but returns after a short while.

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