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Wow lol I can't believe 16 people were supposed to be in it from TA.. I'm down for trying again next sunday :D


I set up another session for a few weeks out with more slots in it. Hopefully we get better participation this time.



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Up for underdog achievement but can we get participants to all post what their time zone is so we can make a realistic time and not 3-4am on a work day.

Preferably a weekend for everyone.


If you work on a Sunday, it sucks to be you. It is 5am PT, 8am ET, 1pm UK/GMT. So I guess that is 2am or so in Hawaii? Not sure where you live, but we already have more people signed up than last time and still have 12 days to go.

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Looking for someone to play with for the multiplayer achievements. I’m also going to be setting up a session on TA for Underdog on 29th August 2020 so be sure to sign up if you can.


I didn’t realise when I wrote the above but someone else has already set up a session for the 22nd so I’m going to hold off for now.


This is the link to it:



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