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A Thousand Years of Dreams Locations

The Pants Party

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Note: To receive the achievement, you do not have to view all the dreams, just collect them.


Also Note: None of these are permanently missable. If you pass them, simply return to the location when you can travel the world on Disc 4 and they will still unlock.





1. Uhra (Inn) - The story forces you to sleep at the Inn, where this is unlocked. ["Hanna's Departure"]

2. Uhra (Virno's Tavern) - Walk up to the bar and it begins automatically. ["A Hero's Return"]

3. Uhra (Residential Area) - Talk to the little girl in the open area to the right once you enter this section, where you can kick the ball. ["White Flowers"]

4. Uhra (Virno's Tavern) - Walk upstairs and talk to the man sitting at the first table. ["In the Mind of a Captive"]

5. Uhra (Virno's Tavern) - Directly after the last one, leave the tavern and re-enter, then walk up to the bar. ["A Mother Comes Home"]

6. Uhra (Monorail Central Station) - Take the lift to the second floor and talk to the little girl on the bench. ["Little Liar"]

7. Ipsilon Mountains - After the cutscene back at Uhra Castle, this will unlock as you start walking through the rain. ["The Upstreamers"]

8. Grand Staff - After fighting with the soldiers, triggers automatically while you are inside the cage ball. ["They Live in Shells"]

9. Numara (Main Street) - Walk up to the boy on the bridge between the two sections of Main Street. ["The Talkative Mercenary"]

10. Numara (Canal Street) - After going over the big bridge from Main Street, talk to the children and then head up the street and collect the doll on the left side. On your way back to the kids this will trigger automatically. ["Don't Forget Me Now, You Hear?"]

11. Numara (Main Street) - Outside the item shop, walk down the stairs toward a group of people standing by the water. ["Letters from a Weakling"]

12. Numara (Ghost Town) - After the funeral, head back to the main city and it triggers automatically. ["Evening Bell"]

13. Numara (Canal Street) - Hug the northern edge of the large bridge and walk across, it will trigger when you hit the right spot, just to the right of the stone arch. ["Portaitist of the Dead"]




14. Crimson Forest - This triggers automatically just before you exit the forest to head back to Numara. ["Elegy Island"]

15. Ghotza Coast - After getting your ship and landing here, this one triggers automatically. ["Seth's Dream, Part 1"]

16. Tosca - Walk up to the man in front of the house on the right after the bridge. ["The Hero"]

17. Tosca - After the last one, enter a building and exit, then head toward some people on the right side near the entrance of the town and it will trigger. ["The Bread of Grandma Cato"]

18. Tosca (Tolty's Inn) - Just walk up to the second floor and it will trigger. I got it after the Sorceress' Mansion. ["So Long, My Friend"]

19. The Black Cave - Take the first path forward and the first path on the left. Walk up to the skeleton in the blue glow. ["The Tragedy of the Butcher General"]

20. Saman (Audun's Item Shop) - Talk to the first man inside the shop. ["The Story of Old Man Greo"]

21. Saman (Boat) - This one triggers automatically after you fight the creatures on the boat. ["Seth's Dream, Part 2"]




22. Saman (Main Street) - After heading to the Inn and disbanding the group, talk to the man at the fruit stand by the big tree. ["Bright Rain"]




23. Ghotza (Low Town) - One the left side of the town, this will trigger near two small boys next to a bridge. ["The Ranking of Lives"]

24. Refugee Camp - Walk down the main "street" and it triggers automatically in front of the sick tent. ["The Village Closest to Heaven"]

25. Refugee Camp - After the previous one, walk toward the campfire and it will trigger. ["Stones of Heaven"]

26. Refugee Camp - Head into the sick tent and a new boy will be there. Walk toward him to trigger this one. ["Signpost"]

27. Uhra (Main Street) - As soon as you turn right onto the street you'll hit a group of people and this will trigger. ["Beyond the Wall"]

28. Ipsilon Mountains (North) - Hug the left side of the path as you walk this section and it triggers near a tree that is a bit darker than the rest. ["A Chorus of Cicadas"]

29. Numara (Main Street) - Just head up the right side and it will trigger when you come near an old lady and a man talking. ["Return of the Native"]

30. Numara (Canal Street) - This will trigger near a fruit stand on the left side of this area. ["Lottery of Life"]

31. Numara (Palace) - After defeating the tanks outside the palace, this will trigger automatically. ["The Queen's Loneliness"]



The following dreams can be unlocked through DLC and are not required for the achievement.


Uhra (Virno's Tavern) - Talk to the guy on the second floor of the tavern. Not available until you talk to him to get dream #2. ["Samii the Storyteller"]

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I know... I'm clearly not new around here, dude. I just posted in there and stuck the guide for everyone. I even linked to the list you copied into that thread at the top of my post. I'm just making this thread so I can describe them better because his guide is not very detailed.

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Thanks for posting these up Pants. So far the Dreams are quite interesting like the Earthquake one and the Upstreamers one, but they are freakin' long to just be sitting there and reading text after text after text on-screen. Not only that, but sometimes it's like white text on a white background which is hard as hell to read.


Still though, this is an interesting and cool aspect of the game so far.

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#32 - Uhra (Virno's Tavern) "Samii the Storyteller". I think this one must be the extra 'dream' you get for the DLC. Talk to the guy on the 2nd floor of the tavern. I think you have to do it after you get dream #2. I can't confirm this, but I do know I talked to the guy before I got #1, and it didn't unlock at that point.

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I got dream #13 (Portraitst of the dead) while crossing the bridge in City of Numara-Canal Street. I was crossing the bridge and A few birds flew out from beneath the bridge and that triggered the dream.

I opened after the funeral, but before I went to the Crimson Forest.

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I just found number 18:


So Long, Friend - Found after obtaining new party member after the Mansion (but before going to Black Cave), go back to Tosca and upstairs in the bar.


I stumbled upon this on accident when I went to buy new equipment for the new party member. I don't know if you can access this before that, though.

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