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Locations: Pipots, Invisi-Chests, Gold Seals, Keys, Etc.

The Pants Party

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Ok, I figured I would just dump all this loose info into one thread for easy reading. If there is anything else I should add, let me know.





  • Uhra (Monorail Station)
  • Grand Staff Construction Base
  • Numara (Mack/Cooke's House)
  • Tosca Village (right house near north exit)
  • Saman Village (first door on the left)
  • Refugee Camp (medical center tent)
  • Pirate's Fortress (go right and follow the penguin)
  • White Boa (Pilothouse, lower left)

As a reward for giving seeds to the Pipots you get the following over the course of the game: 20 Seeds - Adamantis Sword, Adaman Ring; 40 Seeds - Earth Charm; 60 Seeds - Power Angle; 80 Seeds - Gigan Brooch; 99 Seeds - Pipot Charm


Note: You do not have to give them that many at one time, the game keeps track for you.



  • City of Uhra: Gongora's Mansion Secret Cave
  • City of Uhra: Residential Area: It's on a little platform beside a cat.
  • Ipsilon Mountains: Just before you enter the hut, there's a deadend where a hidden chest is placed
  • Ipsilon Mountains: At the save point where the boss was.
  • Sea of Baus: Take a right turn after you enter the zone
  • Crimson Forest: Behind the altar where the boss was.
  • Old Sorceress' Mansion: Just outside the mansion on the righthand side.
  • Northern Cape: Northeastern part
  • Ice Canyon: Where the royal seal is
  • Low Town: There's a ladder down to a balcony where a invisible chest is.
  • Refugee Camp: Somewhere by the water


  • Gongora's Mansion, left side door
  • Uhra back alley
  • Ice Canyon (up the slope, near the boss location)
  • Crimson Forest (first map, near the center)
  • Somewhere inside the Eastern Tribe Ruin
  • Kelolon Village, right part
  • Burning Limestone Caves (The Cave of Dankness), in the poison to the left
  • Black Cave, somewhere inside the dark cave with pit holes
  • Uhra castle, top floor (this is the boss)


  • Gongora's mansion, underground after breaking the royal seal
  • Eastern Tribe ruins
  • Temple of Enlightenment


  • Sorcerer's mansion
  • Kelolon Village (enter Village and wait until an automatic fight starts - rescue the pirate)
  • Saman (near the big tree)
  • Sea of baus (inside a barrel)
  • White Boa (Queen's Chamber)
  • Under the sea in world map (to the right of Uhra - bubbles like normal underwater treasures, but these bubbles look different, not far away from the shore)


  • Numara - Obtained from the Music Man [CEGC]
  • Crimson Forest - Before facing the thing that possesses Mack it is the left teasure chest, with the Golem looking things guarding it. [DAAD]
  • Numara Palace - While running away from the guards and dogs in the Corridor Garden you will see it just keep checking every right turn. [ERGF EDCR]
  • Northern Cape -Take the right turn in the fork path, examine the glowing item. [GEGBA GFDCR]
  • Ice Canyon - While in the Ice Gorge slide down the icy hill in blizzard peak to reach the chest. [DAEF DRAR GEDR]
  • Burning Cavern - While in the path of poison mist walk along the far left to the chest [CCGG AAGR FFEE DDCR]
  • Terrace Cave - Chest in the back right corner of the Cave. [EEDCC DDEDC GGFEE DCDEC]
  • Numara Palace - While in the Queen's chamber, locate a vase, behind it is a chest. Obtainable during Disc 4. [GBAD GABG DRGD EAGA BEBE]
  • Pirate Fortress - Next to the location of the Pipot in Pirate Fortress. [REER DRCD EGAB FEDE BAGE CCDE ARED]


Thanks to:

ImmortalArbiter, ryanclive, Stebs, StalkingGrunt911, DELittle (x360a)

Mondknall (GameFaqs)

Patrick Morris (lost-odyssey.net)

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How about Sed's crewmates locations? I found this list somewhere, but I've been browsing so many LO forums I can't remember where <_<


Lost Pirates:

1) sorcerer's mansion

2) kelolon village (enter Village and wait, until an automatic fight starts - rescue the pirate)

3) saman (near the big tree)

4) ghotza (not confirmed)

5) sea of baus (inside a barrel)

6) white boa queen's chamber

7) under the sea in world map (to the right of uhra, bubbles like normal underwater treasures, but these bubbles look different, not far away from the shore)

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May I know what the Golden Seals and Backyard Keys do? As for the Invisible Chests, is Crimson Forest: Behind the altar where the boss was. the one where we fought at the end of disc 1? If so, I can't find it...


We CAN go back to previously missed locations right?

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You can't do invisible chests until early in Disc 2, and yes you can eventually go back to these locations to get them.


Golden Seals are required to fight the Golden Knight and Backyard Keys are required to open the areas of the Backyard for all the Class Master achievements.

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Cube Solutions? Are you referring to the Cubic Music Scores? If you check them out in the items screen, under Valuables, it says the notes to play. For instance if you put the cursor over Cubic Music Score 1, on the bottom of the screen where it says, "Help" it lists "CEGC" which are the notes you gotta hit during the minigame.


Cubic Music Score 2 is DAAD, etc.

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Cubic Music Scores:

1. Recieved from "Music Man" in Numara

2. Crimson forest

3. Numara Palace

4. Northern Cape

5. Ice Canyon (inside treasure chest only reachable through sliding to hidden path and through small cave - you can see it near to the little moster boss, but can only reach it from next area)

6. Burning Cavern

7. Terrace Cave

8. Numara Palace (only on disc 4, after defeating a special bad guy...)

9. Pirate Fortress (follow the penguin



Another thing to add would be the treasure hunting mini-game. Let me see if I can find the info on this

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Afaik there are no missable items. Even the Seeds can still be acquired late in the game. And speaking of that, I already found the last one, finally! It's in the Numara Port, at the right wing located inside of a locker.


If I find something missable, I'll post it here. I'm not sure about this but the Treasure Trove achievement looks missable. I've found each and every treasure chest in the game and the auction is already closed in my game (with a final note from the auction that all treasure chests have been found, and the rest is up to me - something like that). But what's weird is that I'm on the last stage already, and the last stage doesn't have any dungeons or chests inside. I'm thinking I haven't opened the last one yet, I probably missed one or a few so I'll keep on searching. I'll post my updates here.

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My understanding was that on the AH, you could only buy things that were in chests that becamse inaccessible. So my thought would be that you bought all of those, but there are still chests that you haven't opened that you can still get to. Going to be a pain for sure...

Good point. Yeah, it's really frustrating. I'm still working on finding what I've missed. And I think not only treasure chests, but pots, bins, posters, etc. also count. I'll see what I can do.

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