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Congrats to the winning team and Red for banking another MVP! I'd also like to give special thanks to my teammates TriRock and Petturi who were the reason we managed to get a podium. Also thanks to Kovy for supporting me with the Disney singing games. I couldn't have made it through the last few days without listening to HSM classics.

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First off, a huge congratulations to Jimmy's Merry Misfits and their whopping 330k+ gamerscore victory! Not bad for a first attempt at GSL. Not bad at all.. For years now, I've heard the same old thing about how "the Finns win every year" and it was sweet to see a team roll up that are committed to scoring and take the win! Well done, guys!


I think it's only fair to give Team Goat an honourable mention. These guys were punching above their weight and shooting for third place, but I think as most may have expected, they couldn't quite keep up with their Finnish opponents. I hope these guys rest easy now knowing they put up a great fight!


Red once again pushed to the top for the MVP award. Ain't nothing stopping that from that happening and all from a guy who started the tournament with over 1,300,000g!


Team Sexy, we got you again, but that top 10 finish though?!?!?! One Word: Sexy.



Final Team Scores




Thank you to everyone who participated regardless of scores and leaderboards. I'm sure you all got to play something worthwhile and probably a bunch of games that weren't! Looking forward to seeing you in 2018 and wishing you all a merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year!


I'll finish with a shoutout to the Max Club team for their fantastic job of keeping the sign up thread from overflowing. You guys smashed it! Much love to RX for our tracker too!


Now we can all go back to PUBG, Rocket League, etc. But not before watching Ota's recap video, right Teppy?

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Gutted we didn't make it to third but huge grats to the rest of goat who managed to score huge despite the initial 25kish most intended. ESM was a beast throughout.


I was only aiming to hit 350k GS but ending the competition around 365k, I'm disappointed I couldn't do more for the team but that first week with work and then having to move out my house, bouncing around friends homes my free time became a mess which fucked me and I couldn't really recover like I hoped, i'm looking forward to next year though, it was great to actually get involved.


Really impressive scores from the guys in the top teams. Good job everyone.

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