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Favorite superhero?

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The Main Ones I Used;


Diabetes - Guy is a tank with most of his protection moves and saved me more often than not while playing on the harder difficulty before really "working out" the game


Call Girl - Complete one trick pony really but she is savage with that reach and I used her ultimate a lot of times as well


Then you have a few that swap.....


Mysterion - Great that he can't die but never found him after death that useful and he wasn't that useful I found when alive


Mosquit - Complete glass cannon but can heal himself and do tons of damage with gross in there


Stan - Useful powerful diagnol drills and his healing definitely saves you a few times


Kite - Powerful lasers and protection


Tweek - Normally got into my team, powerful electric attack as base and an ice attack that can damage the sub bosses (looking at you christmas critters) and once you do the ultimate with Craig that isn't half bad either

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