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Are the achievement percentages wrong?

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The percentage for the collectible achievements right now seem unusual. So far I have only played the first 2 levels and im not sure if I missed anything but some of the readable items I could see being incredibly easy to miss. I missed 3 in a row and reloaded.


67% of all gamers found all star cards?

77.91% of all gamers found all concept art?


That can't be right? Or is all that stuff basically impossible to miss? So far the one concept art I found looked fairly easy to miss.

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I think the achievements for this game are pretty messed up. It says that 90%+ of people have got 1,000 Helmets collected achievement for example - when in reality that's a ludicrously long winded achievement to get (it would take about 2/3 hours of reloading a save right next to three helmets to get - which I'm fairly sure the average player would not bother with).

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Sometimes I think those numbers are completely BS. The ones on Wolfenstein are REALLY off for sure.


Like Fallout 4. I find it really hard to believe that nearly half of all players didn't reach lvl 5. Seriously?


Or the Telltalle games. More than half of people on Xbox who played the first episode of Batman season 1 didn't complete it. Not the season...the first episode.

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