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Achievement Guide and Roadmap


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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10

- Offline: 22 (1000:1gs:)

- Online: 0 (0:1gs:)

- Approximate amount of time to 1000:1gs:: 40-50 hours

- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A (multiple individual runs)

- Missable achievements: None

- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty

- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: 2 ("Hello, Friend"* and "Predator"**)

- Extra equipment needed?: A Windows 10 device with at least TWO inputs*


*"Hello, Friend" is for playing a multiplayer game that is unobtainable if you're playing on a phone or a tablet with touch-screen only. You need at least two local inputs out of the following three: touch-screen, mouse, keyboard. As long as you can use two of those on your device, you can get the achievement.


**"Predator" doesn't unlock when it's supposed to, seemingly for almost everyone. It does seem to unlock either some point along the way to your last achievement or when you unlock the last one though.




Welcome to Cosmo Run, a free game that is essentially an endless runner. A ball rolls around a path, and you have to tap/click to make a turn. Every turn you make successfully gives you a point. The catch is that the path weaves through space to make it difficult to tell when there is actually a turn, and sometimes the path is formed right in front of you to give you less time to react. Content-wise, that's all there is to the game. It's a very simple concept but can be fun and addicting to play. As far as achievements, there are only a couple skill-based ones. The rest are cumulative and will leave you with a bit of a grind. Let's get started with how to approach this.




You can actually unlock most of the achievements in the first few hours of playing the game. Here's the fastest way to knock them all out.


Step 1: Credits and Minigame


From the main screen, click on the button on the right to go to settings and navigate to the credits. They are very short, and when they end you'll be tossed into a minigame where the goal is to match like-colored shapes to earn points. Play this game until you get 1000 points, which will also give you a bonus of 250 stars for the main game.


This will unlock two achievements for 45:1gs:.


Step 2: Earn Miscellaneous Achievements


First, let's get the achievement for playing one run for 3 minutes, which would be very difficult if not for a workaround that exists. This can be done whenever, but might as well knock it out right away. Refer to the achievement description for how to do this easily. This will net you two achievements for 90:1gs:.


Next, you're going to want to tie your high score. No score doesn't count, so you'll need at least one turn. Start a game, get a score of 1, then repeat. Then share your score. This will net you 2 achievements for 25:1gs:.


Now start up a multiplayer game and die immediately to unlock that achievement for 10:1gs:.


Now is probably the most frustrating achievement but it isn't too difficult, it just takes some luck. You'll want to work on losing at set scores for the "Have You Lost It?" achievement. This will likely take you many attempts since you'll just be getting used to the game, but should still take less than an hour. You'll definitely take at least 10 runs to do this, but more likely closer to 50. Once you do this, you'll unlock 4 achievements for 270:1gs:.


Lastly, you need to play every day for a week. You could do this naturally, or you can change the date on your device to knock this out in a couple minutes. This will get you another 30:1gs:.


Step 3: Skill-based Achievements


Now for the two achievements related to skill (sort of). You need to lose with a score of exactly 666, and you need to achieve a score over 200 for 3 games in a row. The reason I say sort of skill based is because you can use the Save Me option to spend stars to get revived and continue your run. It will be tempting to do this multiple times but resist. You will get better at the game as you practice, and you will be playing a lot for the next step anyway, so don't waste stars in this step. Refer to these achievement solutions for more information on how to best obtain these. Along the way you'll get the cumulative total of 2000 points for sure, and possibly hit the 200 games played as well. This will net you another four achievements for 150:1gs:.


Step 4: Grind Out Cumulative Achievements


At this point all that should be left are the achievements for 20,000 and 200,000 cumulative score, using Save Me 10, 20, and 50 times, and the achievement for unlocking 20 achievements. This is where the majority of the time in this game will come in. Refer to the "Battlecruiser" achievement solution for more information.


This will wrap up all of the remaining achievements.




Cosmo Run is a fun and addicting take on the endless runner style of game. It will definitely test your spacial awareness and acuity as you get used to the path bending through space. Unfortunately the longevity of the game is really only because of the achievement for 200,000 cumulative score. This adds many tens of hours to the game just for this one achievement, which turns the game from fun in the first 5-10 hours to a long grind. At least the achievements are pretty easy and readily obtainable for pretty much anyone as long as you conserve your stars. If you survived the grind, congrats on another completion.

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Achievement Guide


124110-lo.jpgSpace Propaganda 10:1gs:

Share your score


Don't worry, you don't need to have a Facebook account or even be online for this achievement. When you end a run, regardless of your score, the icon on the lower right is what you need to click/tap on to share your score. When you click/tap on it, a list of share options will pop up. At this point the achievement will also unlock, before you actually choose a share option.


124111-lo.jpgThe Devil Within 15:1gs:

Die at 666 points


This is probably the hardest achievement in the game, especially at first when you're struggling to even get to 100. The best way to handle this achievement is to first not rush it. You will be playing tons and tons of runs to grind out the 200,000 score so you'll have more than enough time to obtain this achievement. It will be very tempting to use Save Me a bunch of times to get to 666. This is an option, but you are just going to waste all those stars. You are only going to get better as you play more anyway. Here's how I recommend doing it:


Get all other miscellaneous achievements first and by that time you should be able to perform decently well and at least clear 100 without issue. Keep practicing (and grinding) and you'll get farther and farther. You should also be collecting stars and saving them up. Once you're finally able to get up to around 300-400, now is the time you can start using Save Me to get you that last extra bit. I highly recommend having around 1000 stars at a minimum when you attempt this, just to be safe. You shouldn't have to use Save Me more than twice to get to 600. Once you get over 600, I highly recommend purposely letting yourself die when you get to around 660. Get your bearings, calculate how many more points you need (6 turns, for example), use a Save Me and then count the turns so you end exactly on 666. Purposely end the run then and the achievement will unlock.


It will be tempting to try for this early using Save Me often. I used Save Me twice to get it. But to put it in perspective, after getting this achievement and grinding toward 200,000, I consistently get over 1000 without using a single Save Me. So you will get better. Just be patient and wait until you can consistently get close before using Save Me a bunch of times.


124112-lo.jpgI'm Afraid I Can't Do That 80:1gs:

Survive for 180 seconds


This is theoretically one of the harder achievements in the game, but thankfully there is a way around it to make it very easy. What you need to do is click on the Play Solo button to start your run and then immediately press the Windows button on your keyboard, or any equivalent button that will pull up something in front of the app window. Note that you need to do it immediately after you start your run.


Now that you've opened another window/menu, simply wait 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, go back to the app window. If done correctly, the game will immediately start your run back up. If you weren't fast enough with opening the Windows menu, you will see a Continue button to resume your run (the game paused, and none of the time counted) so you'll have to try again. Once you do it correctly, simply let your run end and score at least 1 point to be safe. The achievement will unlock immediately after your run is done.


124113-lo.jpgA True Fan 30:1gs:

Play every day for a week


As the achievement says, you need to complete one run every day for 7 days in a row. Since you have to do quite a bit of grinding anyway, you can definitely get this done naturally. If you don't want to have to worry about this though, you can simply change the date on your device, play a single run, change the date forward a day, and repeat until you do a run every day of a week. The achievement will unlock after the 7th day.


124114-lo.jpgInhuman 50:1gs:

Score more than 200 for 3 consecutive games


While going for the "The Devil Within" achievement you will be practicing/grinding a lot, and unavoidably getting better and better at the game. At first it will seem tough and stressful to score over 200, but as you play more and more, scoring over 200 will be very easy. To put it in perspective, while grinding to 200,000 I consistently score over 1000 on my runs, and I was really bad when I first started playing too. You will get better, it just takes practice, and then this achievement will come naturally.


You of course also have the option of using Save Me to keep your run going. Stars will be scarce initially though, so you'll want to try not to waste them much. For this achievement, as you get better and work on getting to a score of 666, wait until you have two runs in a row over 200. Then, if you screw up on the third run, use Save Me to get you that last distance you need to get to 200 on your third run. Just remember that you will get better as you play more and you'll be meeting these requirements on a regular basis.


124115-lo.jpgFirst Blood 10:1gs:

Make your first run


Refer to the "Master" achievement solution for more information.

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124116-lo.jpgCarnivore 30:1gs:

Gather 10 achievements


This achievement unlocks upon unlocking a total of 10 other achievements in the game.


124117-lo.jpgPredator 50:1gs:

Gather 20 achievements


The description states this achievement unlocks after unlocking 20 other achievements in the game. Despite this, there are multiple reports of this achievement unlocking at various, seemingly random times during the game. Some report it unlocking with their last achievement (after 21 achievements), some while they only had 15-19 achievements unlocked, and some after 20 achievements while working on their last achievement. Some theorize this achievement unlocks after a certain time played, or after a certain cumulative score (such as 100,000, halfway to the 200,000 required), but the only consistent thing seems to be that it definitely doesn't unlock right when you unlock your 20th achievement.


The good news is that it does seem to unlock for everyone, just at different times. By the time you unlock all other achievements, you should have this one too. My personal experience was that this achievement unlocked at the same time as my last achievement, which was "Battlecruiser" and was my 21st achievement. So don't worry if/when it doesn't unlock with your 20th achievement.


124118-lo.jpgHave You Lost It? 200:1gs:

Die consequently with a score of 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42


As the description says, you need to finish 6 runs in a row with the exact scores listed in the description. This achievement is more about luck than skill, since you'll easily be able to surpass 42 with all the practice you'll get. The luck comes in the form of the stars that automatically show up on the path. Stars give you 3 points, and their positioning on the path can end up screwing up your score. For me, getting a score of 8 was the hardest one because a star was often on the path right before my 8th turn, and the 3 points from the star would put me over 8. The rest seemed to line up that stars didn't mess up my scores.


This will definitely take a few tries to get everything to line up properly. Thankfully the runs to get these scores are very short and fast, so keep at it and eventually you'll get all six runs in a row at the right scores.


As a side note, if you're wondering why these six seemingly random scores, the numbers are a reference to the TV show Lost.


124119-lo.jpgNooooooooo! 15:1gs:

Fail with the same score as your personal best


This achievement can be gotten at any time but is obviously much easier earlier in the game when your personal best is still relatively low. Note that 0 isn't a score. You need to score at least 1 to unlock this achievement. The easiest way is when you first start playing the game, make one turn to score 1 and let yourself fail. Start another game and repeat and the achievement will unlock immediately.


124120-lo.jpgRookie 10:1gs:

Play the game 10 times


Refer to the "Master" achievement solution for more information.


124121-lo.jpgProficient 30:1gs:

Play the game 50 times


Refer to the "Master" achievement solution for more information.


124122-lo.jpgMaster 75:1gs:

Play the game 200 times


This is cumulative and will easily come by the time you reach 200,000 points for the "Battlecruiser" achievement. You'll most likely be playing somewhere in the range of 500-800 games, depending on your skill, to earn the total of 200,000, so no need to worry about these achievements as they will unavoidably unlock while earning the other achievements.

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124123-lo.jpgKitten Saved 10:1gs:

Use Save Me 10 times


Refer to the "Messiah" achievement solution for more information.


124124-lo.jpgGood Shepherd 65:1gs:

Use Save Me 20 times


Refer to the "Messiah" achievement solution for more information.


124125-lo.jpgMessiah 75:1gs:

Use Save Me 50 times


Every time you fail during a run, you'll be given the option to spend your stars on the Save Me feature to let you continue your run. The first time you use Save Me during a run it costs 100 stars, and each subsequent time you use it during the same run, the cost increases by an additional 100 stars.


Initially you won't have many stars and it'll take a bunch of runs to earn another 100, so it'll feel like it takes a while to collect enough stars to use Save Me. However, once you get better at the game, you'll be able to collect plenty of stars in each run to maintain your total.


I recommend using Save Me only once per run at most so you only spend 100 stars per save. If you do it this way, you'll need a total of 5000 stars to use Save Me 50 times. That'll likely seem like a huge amount at first, but as a point of reference, after I had unlocked every achievement, I still had 10,000 stars left. So you will have more than enough stars to use Save Me 50 times while working towards 200,000. The "Battlecruiser" achievement solution has some additional information about collecting stars quickly.


124126-lo.jpgSerenity 10:1gs:

Score a total of 2000 points


Refer to the "Battlecruiser" achievement solution for more information.


124127-lo.jpgNostromo 30:1gs:

Score a total of 20000 points


Refer to the "Battlecruiser" achievement solution for more information.


124128-lo.jpgBattlecruiser 150:1gs:

Score a total of 200000 points


This achievement is cumulative and will be the last one you unlock. It will take many hours of grinding to reach 200,000 total points. What's worse is that there is absolutely no way to track your progress. There is no achievement tracking (in the game, on the Xbox app, or on Xbox.com) and no way to see your total anywhere in the game app or the leaderboards. So you're running blind the entire way and will have no idea how close (or far) you are unless you manually track it yourself. But that's a lot of unnecessary work and time wasted so I don't recommend bothering with that.


All of your runs will count towards this total, so it should go without saying that you should work on every other achievement first, since you'll be making progress towards this achievement as you go. When you first start playing, you likely won't be very good and will struggle to get into the 20s or 40s in a single run. Eventually you'll be able to consistently get into the 100s or 200s. As a point of reference, I'm typically able to get around 1000 points in a single run without using a Save Me. Sometimes I will use a Save Me though if I'm not at the 1000 point mark yet. After 1000 points, it becomes more stressful since you are given very little time to react to path changes.


In my opinion, the most efficient area is the 200-1000 point range in terms of earning points in the shortest amount of time. There are many turns but you have plenty of time to react. I will typically only use a Save Me if I'm at less than 1000 points when I fail.


Speaking of efficiently earning points, the absolute fastest way is to make sure you take the "Star path" each time you reach a branching point. The reason for this is, if you haven't noticed by now, stars give you 3 points. You should be pretty familiar with these after getting the other achievements. They show up first around the 80 point mark, and then every 150 or so points after that. They are short paths with a high density of stars and turns. Typically you'll get 50-80 points in only 5-10 seconds. So make sure you are taking these paths every time they pop up, which you can usually anticipate since it'll always be on a straightaway. At first you may struggle to get through these star paths without failing since the turns are awkward, but you'll quickly learn there are a set few patterns in the paths and you'll get used to them until they become easy. Using these star paths also almost guarantees you won't run out of stars easily. I have been consistently gaining stars while grinding toward 200,000 even while making sure I reach 1000 every run.


There isn't really much else in the way of tips for this. Since you can't see your progress, I have tracked that it takes me 4-5 minutes to reach 1000 points on a single run. To be safe I'll say 5 minutes. That calculates out to 16 hours to get to 200,000. Obviously you'll make some progress before you start purely grinding, but that progress won't be very efficient progress since you won't be as good at the game yet. I would estimate you should expect a solid 20+ hours of grinding towards this achievement.

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124131-lo.jpgHello, Friend 10:1gs:

Play your first multiplayer game


From the main screen, click on the Play Together option. You'll now have to use two inputs to start a multiplayer game. As noted in the Roadmap, you'll need two available inputs to start a multiplayer game out of the following three: touch-screen, keyboard, mouse. After clicking on the Play Together option, player 1 and player 2 will have to use two of these options to select to start the game. The game will start and you can both die immediately to end the run. The achievement will unlock immediately after the run ends.


124129-lo.jpgThis Is The End 15:1gs:

Watch the credits


Refer to the "Space Bubbles" achievement solution for more information.


124130-lo.jpgSpace Bubbles 30:1gs:

Get 1000 points in the mini game


From the main screen, click on the cog icon on the right to go to settings, then scroll down and click the About option. This will play the credits, which are only about 10 names. You can swipe/scroll down to pass them quicker. After the credits a mini game will come up. The goal here is to score 1000 points in this game. You score points by matching colors that are touching, and it needs to be at least 2 of the same color to match (as opposed to other match-three games), so this game is very easy. The best way to get a high score is to build up a lot of the same color in the grid and clear a large amount all at once. Keep playing, and you'll certainly get this. My high score is over 6000 because the game keeps going until you're out of moves, so it may take some time to actually lose and end the game than to get to 1000 points.


The achievement will unlock upon reaching 1000 points, and then you'll also get a bonus of 250 stars.

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