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Achievement Guide and Roadmap


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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10

- Offline: 0 (0:1gs:)

- Online: 20 (1000:1gs:)

- Approximate amount of time to 1000:1gs:: 50-70 hours

- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A (multiple individual games)

- Missable achievements: None

- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty

- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None

- Extra equipment needed?: None





Welcome to Microsoft Bingo, another addition to the Microsoft Casual Games collection. As you'd expect, you'll be playing a lot of bingo games in this game. Thankfully there are multiple added aspects to make the game more interesting: power bingo cards, power-ups, locations, luggage, keys, etc. I'll be describing how all of these aspects work in the next section. Unlike other Microsoft Casual Games, there are no daily challenge badges to earn in this game. Instead, it has been replaced with a progress system where you earn experience while you play and can level up to unlock new things. It is this process of gaining experience and leveling up that will be the time sink replacing daily challenges. As far as achievements go, pretty much all of them will unlock as you work toward your ultimate goal: getting to level 46 to unlock all 10 locations. So on the bright side, you don't have to worry about doing anything difficult along the way, but since it is bingo, there is some luck and RNG involved. Let's get started with how to approach this game.




As noted above, your ultimate goal here is to get to level 46 as fast as possible, so everything we do in this guide is going to be geared toward leveling up as fast as possible. More detail on that later. First, a description of all the different items in the game and what they do, since it can be a little confusing at first with all the different things you can use/earn/unlock.


Tickets: this is the currency you'll be using to play bingo games. The more bingo cards you want to use, the more tickets you'll need to spend. Tickets auto-regenerate to a set amount. This set amount increases every 10 levels. Every 5 minutes, you get a set amount of tickets until you reach your max. This set amount of tickets you get every 5 minutes can be increased by completing collections (see below). You also get tickets from luggage.


Coins: this is the main in-game currency. With coins, you can buy keys and power-ups in the shop. You can also spend coins to play power bingo. And lastly, you can spend coins to have additional numbers called during bingo games. You can spend real money to buy coins, but I recommend against this.


Keys: keys are used to open luggage (see below). Keys are obtained by buying them from the shop or from inside luggage. They are the hardest to obtain, so that's where we'll be spending our coins. More on that later.


Luggage: luggage is obtained from playing bingo games in a few ways: getting a bingo, marking a number on a power bingo card, power bingo, travel pattern, or travel pattern on your power bingo card. You need a key to open a luggage after a game. Luggage can contain tickets, coins, power-ups, keys, or souvenirs.


Souvenirs: these are obtained randomly inside luggage. By themselves, they don't do anything, but if you collect all ten in a single destination, the amount of tickets you get every 5 minutes from the auto-regeneration is increased by 1. So initially, you regenerate 3 tickets every 5 minutes. After completing your first collection, you'll get 4 every 5 minutes, and so on.


Power Bingo: in each destination there is a power bingo card you can opt to play. It is a long-term card where you can earn bingo numbers on it and you have 5 hours to try to complete it. At the beginning of each match, in the pre-game lobby, you can spend coins to buy up to 3 numbers on your power bingo card. If you have those numbers on your standard bingo cards, the numbers will be gold on the number board. When they are called, the ball will glow gold. When you mark them in a game, they are marked on your power bingo card. Marking a power bingo number and getting a power bingo each earn you luggage. Getting a set number of power bingos in a destination earns you a set number of keys, whose milestones you can see along the way - 15 keys, 40 keys, and 100 keys. These stack! If you earn enough power bingos to reach the 100 mark, you will earn 155 keys! You will earn them once the community total challenge is completed.


Power-ups: these are earned either from inside luggage or bought from the shop with coins. I don't recommend wasting any coins on them in the shop since you should earn more than you can use from luggage, once you start opening luggage. They come in three colors: bronze, silver and gold. In my experience, this is not at all representative of how "good" they are, since your goal is to level up fast, not necessarily get the most bingos. Refer to the "Jet-Setter" achievement solution for a description of each power-up, what it does, and when to use it.


This may seem like a lot of information, but the sooner you familiarize yourself with all of these aspects, the sooner you'll be leveling up as efficiently as possible. Now let's go over how to play the bingo games.


First and foremost - DO NOT CALL YOUR BINGOS. EVER. How the game works is that once you start playing, numbers are automatically called until 30 people (all of which are playing online) call a bingo. So theoretically, if no person calls their bingos, the game will proceed until every number is called, and everyone gets cover-all, and you get a ridiculous amount of rewards and experience. Unfortunately, I've never been able to convince everyone in the chatroom to not call their bingos. Good luck trying, but after getting insanely frustrated with people not listening, I gave up. You can still do your part though and never call your bingos to make the game last longer and more numbers will be called. Don't worry, after 30 bingos are called, there is a 10-second countdown. During this 10-second countdown, call bingo on all of your cards. There is no penalty for doing this on cards where you don't have bingo, so do it on all cards to be safe. That's really all these is to know about playing each game, aside from making sure to use your power-ups at appropriate times in the game. Read that about in the "Jet-Setter" achievement solution.


The other aspect of the game is destinations. The only difference with each destination is that the travel pattern changes, and you get more/better rewards. So as soon as you unlock a new destination, start playing games in that destination instead.


That should cover all of the aspects of the game and how to play. For a full strategy on leveling up as fast as possible, refer to the "Around the Globe" achievement solution. By the time you get to level 46 for this achievement, you're guaranteed to unlock almost every other achievement. If you have any left when you get to level 46, refer to those specific achievement solutions for how best to obtain them.




Microsoft Bingo is actually a pretty fun take on a game as simple and straightforward as bingo. There is enough going on to keep things interesting so you don't feel like you're just sitting there playing bingo with no real money to win. Most of the achievements are obtained relatively early in the game, with quite a grind to get to level 46 to finish up the game. Thankfully there is nothing hard about it, so as long as you're willing to put in the time.

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Achievement Guide


108528-lo.jpgWanderlust 100:1gs:

Complete 25 Bingo matches


Refer to the "Sight Seeker" achievement solution for more information.


108529-lo.jpgSight Seeker 50:1gs:

Complete 100 Bingo matches


Every match you play over the course of the game counts towards this, and there is no way to start in the middle of a match. This achievement will unlock well before finishing everything else. As of obtaining my last achievement, I have 606 games played, so these achievements will unlock naturally while making progress towards level 46. Refer to the "Around the Globe" achievement solution for more information.


108530-lo.jpgIt's in the Bag 50:1gs:

Unlock 50 Luggage of any type


Luggage is earned in one of the following ways:


- Calling a bingo

- Daubing a power bingo number

- Getting a power bingo

- Completing a travel pattern

- Completing a travel pattern on your power bingo card

- Daubing a luggage tile on your bingo card after using a luggage power-up


Once you earn luggage, you need to have a key available to open it. Plan to spend your coins on keys to make sure you can always open the luggage you earn. In general though, this achievement will unlock pretty early. To put it in perspective, I once had a single game where I opened 52 luggage after it was over. That's definitely not the norm though. Expect more like 5-10 per game once you start playing "properly." For more information on this and a general strategy for leveling up which includes opening way more luggage than this achievement requires, refer to the "Around the Globe" achievement solution.


108531-lo.jpgFrequent Flyer 55:1gs:

Use 50 power-ups across multiple Bingo matches


Refer to the "Jet-Setter" achievement solution for more information.


108532-lo.jpgJet-Setter 50:1gs:

Use 200 power-ups across multiple Bingo matches


As the description says, you need to use a cumulative total of 200 power-ups across all bingo games. This achievement will easily unlock by the time you reach level 46 (I unlocked it around level 20) as long as you follow the leveling up method described in the "Around the Globe" achievement solution. Refer to it for more information on earning power-ups. As far as each power-up, what it does, and how to best utilize it, each one is described below. Definitely read up on this so you're familiar with them all and maximize their potential.


Lightning Bolt - this is a picture of a lightning bolt and it supercharges your power-up meter on the right, allowing it to fill up 3 times faster than normal. DO NOT use this power-up unless it is the first one that you get in a match, otherwise you're wasting its potential. If you use it first, it will allow you to use many more power-ups in a single match once it's activating, giving you many more benefits.


"B" Power-Up - this is a letter "B" and when you use it, it puts one star on each card you're playing. If you daub that tile that the star is on, it's an automatic bingo. Like many power-ups, you should try to use this one as early as possible in the game to maximize the possibility of daubing the tile(s) with stars on them.


Star Power-Up - this is a picture of a star, and don't confuse it with the B power-up above. Using this power-up automatically daubs 2 random tiles on each card. Because of this, this power-up should be used as late in the game as possible, otherwise you're potentially wasting it if those numbers that were daubed were called anyway. Wait until there are 1-2 bingos left and then quickly use this power-up.


Key - this is a picture of a key, and when used, puts 1-3 keys on the board on random tiles. Daubing a tile with a key gives you a free key. Use this one as early as possible.


Coin - this is a picture of a circle (a coin), and when used, puts 1-3 coins on each board on random tiles. Daubing a tile with a coin gives you free coins. Use this one as early as possible.


Luggage - this is a picture of a handbag, and when used, puts 1-3 luggage on each board on random tiles. Daubing a tile with a luggage gives you a free luggage to open. Use this one as early as possible.


Diamond - this is a picture of a diamond shadow. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POWER-UP IN THE GAME. I can't reinforce that enough. When used, this puts diamonds on each board, typically on 2 tiles per board. Daubing them gives you bonus experience. Daubing these tiles is, by far, the fastest way to level up. Use these as early as possible in a game to maximize the chance of daubing them, and use them as efficiently as possible.


X2 - this shows an "x2" on the power-up, and when used, doubles the amount of coins AND experience you earn in that game. It doubles both at the end, so it doesn't matter when in a game you use this power-up, as long as you use it before 30 bingos are called. This should optimally be coupled with the "Coin" and "Diamond" power-ups above to maximize coins and experience earned per game.


Crosshairs - this is a picture of 4 little arrows pointing to the center. When used, this power-up points out called numbers on your bingo cards. So, it's essentially useless unless you want to take a break from daubing tiles and then come back and daub all the marked ones. Use these as soon as they come up to get rid of them.


? Power-Up - this is a picture of a question mark. When used, it reveals the next 5 numbers to be called. At first, this may seem pointless because those numbers are going to be called anyway. Once you realize you can use this power-up to "cheat" though, it becomes very useful. To do this, you're going to save it until there are only 5 or so bingos left to be called. Then, use this power-up to reveal the next 5 numbers. Now quickly daub those numbers on your boards. This typically will allow you to get 3 or so more numbers than all other players before the game ends. You have to be fast though because this results in you daubing numbers during the 10 second countdown. Also don't forget to call bingo on every card.

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108533-lo.jpgCorner Star 50:1gs:

Call 20 Bingo corners across multiple Bingo matches


While this achievement is technically luck-based, you should be playing enough bingo games to get to level 46 that this will unlock naturally. Personally, I unlocked this achievement around the time I was level 15. The more cards you play per game, the more likely you are to get bingo with four corners. However, if you follow the strategy for leveling up in the "Around the Globe" achievement solution, you should definitely unlock this along the way.


Additionally, a surefire way to get this is to wait until you unlock later destinations and have a lot of money saved up, then play bingo games on the first destination with 1-4 cards. Then, if you don't get any corner bingos, spend coins to have more numbers called. Extra numbers are very cheap in the first destination, especially after you've saved up from later destinations.


108534-lo.jpgDaub Stamper 55:1gs:

Daub 500 cells across multiple Bingo matches


Refer to the "The Dauber" achievement solution for more information.


108535-lo.jpgThe Dauber 40:1gs:

Daub 2,000 cells across multiple Bingo matches


This achievement is cumulative and unavoidable while working on everything else and leveling up to level 46. You should have this achievement by the time you reach level 15 or so, so no need to worry about these. They will both unlock naturally along the way.


108536-lo.jpgFirst Flight 55:1gs:

Reach level 10


Refer to the "Around the Globe" achievement solution for more information.


108537-lo.jpgEveryday Explorer 50:1gs:

Reach level 30


Refer to the "Around the Globe" achievement solution for more information.

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108538-lo.jpgPower to the People 50:1gs:

Complete 30 Power Bingo, across multiple Bingo matches


The ability to play power bingo doesn't unlock until you level up a few times, and then once you have a good amount of keys, you should be playing power bingo every time. How it works is that you can spend coins on up to three bingo numbers of your choosing from your power bingo card. If one of those numbers is called during the next game and you have it on your bingo card(s), daubing it will mark it on your power bingo card too. So earning a power bingo will typically take 2-5 games depending on luck of the numbers.


Playing power bingo is an integral part of the leveling up process, so refer to the "Around the Globe" achievement solution for a detailed strategy. You should easily get over 100 power bingos by the time you're done with everything else.


108539-lo.jpgSupersonic 50:1gs:

Fully charge your power-up bar within 10 seconds


To unlock this achievement, you have to fill the power-up bar on the right from empty in under 10 seconds. If you've played at all, you'll know this isn't possible just from daubing numbers like normal. As far as I can see, there are only two ways to get this achievement.


1) Let the power-up bar fill, and if a Crosshair power-up is next (blue one with four arrows pointing toward the center), DO NOT use it. Let all of the numbers get called and DO NOT daub them. Then, once you get down to around 10 bingos left, use the Crosshair power-up. All numbers that you have that were called will be marked on all of your cards. Wait for the power-up meter to fully drain first, then quickly tap all of the numbers marked by the Crosshair that were called. This should fill up your meter very quickly and unlock the achievement.


2) When you get a Lightning Bolt power-up, this supercharges your power-up meter. You can do similar steps like the above strategy, or just use the Lightning Bolt and hope to get enough numbers in 10 seconds to fill it back up. For me, it happened naturally when I used a Lightning Bolt power-up, but you can easily force it just like option (1) above.


108540-lo.jpgStar Traveler 50:1gs:

Spend 1,000 coins


Refer to the "First Class" achievement solution for more information.


108541-lo.jpgFirst Class 40:1gs:

Spend 10,000 coins


The following spending of coins counts towards this achievement:


- Buying keys or power-ups from the shop

- Buying power bingo numbers

- Buying additional bingo numbers at the end of a game

- Paying for the auto-daubing of your bingo cards


Initially 10,000 coins will seem like a massive amount, and it will be slow going at first, but as you level up more you'll be spending coins in sets of 1,000 on keys, and every game on power bingo. By the time I finished everything else, I had spent almost 60,000 coins. So this achievement will definitely come naturally while working toward level 46. The "Around the Globe" achievement solution has a strategy for leveling up that will guarantee you this achievement. Refer to it for more information.


108542-lo.jpgA Few Souvenirs 55:1gs:

Complete a collection


Refer to the "Mementos" achievement solution for more information.

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108543-lo.jpgMementos 40:1gs:

Complete three different collections


Each of the ten destinations has a collection of 10 souvenirs that you can obtain. Obtaining all 10 souvenirs in a destination will complete a collection. You'll get a notification that the collection is complete, and each collection you complete increases the amount of tickets you get from auto-regeneration every 5 minutes by 1. The souvenirs are obtained randomly from inside luggage. I have no idea what the drop rate is, nor if bigger luggage types such as power bingos and travel patterns increase your chances. For me, I seemed to get all of my souvenirs from the standard luggage size. I have had games where I've opened 20-50 luggage all at once and didn't get a single souvenir, and then games where I've opened less than 5 luggage and gotten a souvenir. So the drop rate is very random.


In terms of maximizing your potential for souvenirs to pop up, obviously the more luggage you open, the more likely you are to find a souvenir in one. The "Around the Globe" achievement solution has a detailed strategy for leveling up that will ensure you are constantly opening luggage after every game. Using that strategy, I actually completed 5 of the 10 destination collections while working up to level 46. Refer to that achievement solution for more information.


108544-lo.jpgLast-Second Bingo 40:1gs:

Wait to call Bingo on a card until you have filled at least four Bingo lines


If you're following my advice in the Roadmap, you should never be calling bingo until the 10-second countdown at the end of each game. Because of this, there is a decent chance you'll unlock this naturally during a random game. Four bingos on a single card is a lot though, so there's a high likelihood you'll need to buy some extra numbers at the end of a game to get to four bingos on a single card. You'll likely be doing this towards the end of your journey to level 46, but if you don't, the easiest and cheapest way to do it is to play a game on the first destination, and when the game ends, buy extra numbers until you have four bingos, then call them all at once.

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108545-lo.jpgAround the Globe 40:1gs:

Play at least one Bingo matches within every location, in the right order


First off, how to actually unlock this achievement - you have to play a bingo game on each of the 10 destinations in order, from left to right. You unlock a new destination every 5 levels, so at level 6, 11, 16, 21, etc. The last destination is unlocked at level 46, so your ultimate goal is to get to level 46. This is going to take a while. Your entire time with this game will be geared toward leveling up to level 46 as fast as possible. As a point of reference, I have 606 games played according to the Xbox One app as of completing this achievement. So expect to put in a lot of time. To make it as smooth and efficient as possible, I have laid out a detailed guide for getting to level 46. Along the way you will unlock pretty much every other achievement.


Phase One - Level 1 until 1,000 Coins


When you start the game, you won't have any keys, power-ups, coins or anything. First, do the tutorial to get some of each. You also can only play with one card and can't play power bingo. This phase is going to be slow and boring, but it's necessary to get the ball rolling for Phase Two. The most important part of Phase One is DO NOT SPEND COINS. Not on power bingo, extra numbers, nothing. Your goal in Phase One is to amass 1000 coins. It will seem like a lot at first, but it will start a loop that will make things much easier later. So that's it for Phase One. Play bingo games with as many cards as you can (I recommend 4 cards maximum) until you have 1000 coins. You'll probably be somewhere around level 8-10 when you get 1000 coins. Then it's time for Phase Two.


Phase Two - 1,000 Coins until Level 41ish


This is the bulk of the process and it starts as soon as you reach 1000 coins. Spend those 1000 on 100 keys from the shop. Now here's how you'll be playing each bingo game:


- I recommend playing every game with 4 bingo cards. If you think you can handle daubing more than that, go for it, but I found 4 to be optimal.


- Buy 3 power bingo numbers at the start of every game. You should aim to complete your power bingo card a few times in each destination. The goal here is to reach the 100-key milestone in each destination. Doing so will award you with a free 155 keys when the community challenge completed.


- Play the actual games like normal, but make as efficient use of your power-ups as possible. Refer to the "Jet-Setter" achievement solution for a description of every power-up and when to use it.


- It will be tempting to spend coins on extra numbers to get one more bingo or something like that, but resist. You want to always make sure you can buy another set of 100 keys for 1000 coins.


- At the end of each game, always open all of your luggage. You should always have enough keys to open them all.


The main thing here is the cyclical nature of buying 100 keys, and then opening all luggage you get along the way to amass another 1000 coins for another 100 keys. Even while spending coins on power bingo numbers, I was still building coins toward my next 100 keys, so you shouldn't have to worry about that.


A critical thing to be aware of here is that getting bingos is NOT the fastest way to level up. This may seem counterintuitive, but the fastest way to level up is by daubing diamonds on your bingo card. This means that gold power-ups like the B or Star power-ups that increase your chances of getting a bingo are useless when compared to the bronze Diamond power-up. You may have a few diamonds on your cards at the start of the game, but using a Diamond power-up puts some on each card. It is absolutely critical that you use these power-ups as efficiently as possible. The higher your level, you'll see how pathetic of an experience increase you get just from a handful of bingos on your cards and maybe a power bingo or two. This whole process of buying keys and opening luggage is to try to get Diamond power-ups to then use. Even better is if you can also use a X2 power-up in the same game to double your experience on top of the Diamond power-ups. If these things line up, or you're able to use more than one Diamond power-up in a row, if you've got coins to spare, I would typically spend them on extra numbers to try to get more Diamond daubs. As long as you'll have enough coins that you don't run out of keys, you can spend some coins on extra numbers to get more Diamond daubs.


You're going to continue with this cycle of save coins for 100 keys, buy them, use them to open luggage to get more coins and power-ups, etc., all the while playing power bingo to reach the 100-key milestone in each destination. While doing this strategy you'll be getting tons of power bingos, spending lots of coins, using lots of power-ups, and also finding souvenirs inside all the luggage you'll be opening. So you'll be making progress towards basically every achievement. As soon as you unlock a new destination, move on to that destination, since the experience you get increases. The only time I wouldn't move on right away was if I needed to get any more power bingos to reach 100 keys or if I only needed 1-2 more souvenirs to complete the collection. Then I'd play a couple more games there before moving on, so I'd finish those things.


Phase Three - Level 41ish to Level 46


You could continue with Phase Two all the way to level 46 for sure, but I changed up my strategy once I got into the 40s because I had amassed so many coins and keys. What allowed me to do this phase was that the community challenges were completing from the first 6-8 destinations and each was giving me 155 keys, meaning I was not going to run out anytime soon, so I had built up over 4000 coins and over 300 keys. So if you get to this point in the 40s as well, here's what I was doing to level up even faster.


Blow through all of your power-ups each game with the exception of Diamond ones, X2, and/or the Lightning Bolt. Definitely don't use a Lightning Bolt power-up unless it's the first one in a game. If you get one first, then spam every power-up after that - Diamonds preferably, but also coins secondly, then keys and luggage. You'll be filling up a decent amount of your cards with the various power-up tiles to daub. Then, at the end of a game, I would spend around 1000 coins on extra numbers until I completed the travel patterns and got most of the power-up tiles daubed. I'd end up with 10+ bingos per card, 1-2 travel patterns, and tons of extras from power-ups. I would then have 30-50 luggage to open after these games. This would ensure I always had a ton of power-ups, and would somewhat refill the coins I spent, but not completely. I would also get a huge amount of tickets, ensuring I'd never run out. I would only splurge in the extra numbers on games where the power-ups aligned to give me lots of tiles to daub from power-ups. If you're getting the Crosshair or ? power-up, I just wasted them and didn't bother buying numbers that round. Consider it a round to regain coins.


Once you finally reach level 46, simply play a 1-card game at each destination in order to unlock the achievement.

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108546-lo.jpgSightseeing 40:1gs:

Complete a travel pattern during a Bingo match


Travel patterns are the darker pattern in the background of your bingo card. They change with each destination you travel to. Note that this achievement only unlocks upon daubing this pattern on a standard bingo card. Completing a travel pattern on a power bingo card won't unlock the achievement.


It's possible you will be lucky and complete a pattern during normal gameplay, but I never did along the way to level 46 without buying extra numbers at the end of a game. So if you don't get this naturally, the quickest and cheapest way to get it is to play a game on the first destination and then pay for extra numbers until you complete the pattern. Extra numbers in the first destination are really cheap comparatively, and you should have plenty of coins by the time you get to the later destinations.


108547-lo.jpgJet Lag 40:1gs:

Endure five numbers that cannot be daubed, called in a row during a match


To unlock this achievement, you have to play a game where five numbers in a row aren't on your board(s). You'll be very lucky to not unlock this naturally, especially in the beginning of your time playing this game when you only are playing with a single board. If you don't unlock this naturally, the best way to improve your chances is to play with a single board. This should happen within a few games.

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This Achievement Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member BiggD and has been published as the Official XboxAchievements.com Achievement Guide and Roadmap! The link to the Official Guide is here:


Official XboxAchievements.com Microsoft Bingo (W10) Achievement Guide and Roadmap


Please post any updates within the Updates & Corrections: Guides & Roadmaps thread.


Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides and Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.


You may request for those to be edited/updated within that forum as well.


We look forward to your future submissions!

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