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Xbox Live Update Fixes 2nd Controller Loophole?


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I can't seem to get the achievement '8 Ball Shark' as listed on here.


I updated without thinking that they couldve fixed that 'glitch'. Now when I intentionally put the 8 ball in the first try (2nd Player) it tells me 'Foul: The 8-ball may not be sunk on break'... and does not give me the win.


Anyone else getting this?

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Just an FYI I just accepted the update and the two controller method still works I just used it to unlock both 8-ball shark and Bankshot ultimate hustle.


Here is the key what the guys above are describing is sinking the eight ball on the break. This is not allowed. However what you do is use a second controller to break, pocket any ball other than the 8-ball. Then proceed to scratch. Wallaaaa 5 in a row and you have your achievement. Good Luck!

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