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Achievement Guide and Road Map

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10

Offline: 13 [1000]

Approximate time: 2-3 hours

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1

Missable achievements: Yes

Does difficulty affect Achievements? Yes

Unobtainable achievements: No

Extra equipment needed?: No



"Shortly before his coronation, the young prince Fern disappears with a mysterious girl. The royal protectress and teacher is tasked to track him down and bring home. Using the knowledge of alchemical arcana, the protectress will do everything in her power to save prince Fern from the looming mortal threat. Will she succeeed? The future of the kingdom is in your hands!"


Step 1: Full Clear

Starting on Expert difficulty, it is easy to get all 13 achievements in one go. Make sure you never skip a mini-game or use a hint on a hidden object puzzle (HOP), and pay attention to the few miscellaneous achievements (HOPs with few mistakes/quickly). Also, be sure to get every hidden rose. There is very little backtracking in this game, so grab the roses the first time you come to a scene.


You can watch a walkthrough with all collectibles and achievements



Step 2: Mop Up

You shouldn't need this step if you did Step 1 correctly, but if you somehow missed something, start a new game and get it here.

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144133-lo.jpg Bright mind 75

Finish 4 Mini-Games in a row without skipping.


See "Puzzle Expert" for more info.


144134-lo.jpg Puzzle Expert 100

Finish all Mini-Games without skipping.


During the mini-games, you are able to press Up on the D-Pad to skip them and they will auto-solve. Just make sure you never do this at any point during the game.


144135-lo.jpg Faster than light! 50

Finish any Mini-Game in less than 1 minute.


For this achievement, you'll need to complete ANY puzzle within a minute (excluding HOPs). There will be multiple puzzles you'll be able to finish this quickly, especially if you watch a solution before coming to the puzzle. However, you can also pause the game and that will pause the achievement timer, allowing you to spend much more than one minute figuring things out. The pause screen only covers a small portion of the right side, so you can still see much of the mini-game.


144136-lo.jpg Instant finding 50

Find 3 hidden-objects within 3 seconds.


The easiest way to get this is to study the picture carefully and find three items that are somewhat near each other without actually clicking on them. Then click on each of the three consecutively to grab the achievement.


144137-lo.jpg Skilled searcher 75

Finish 6 Hidden Object Puzzles in a row without using hints.


See "Master searcher" for more info.


144138-lo.jpg Master searcher 100

Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without using hints.


During HOPs, you have the option of pressing Up on the D-pad to get a hint and have an item circled for you. Just be sure you never press that button when doing a HOP to unlock this achievement toward the end of the game.


144139-lo.jpg Flawless aim 75

Finish any Hidden Object Puzzle with less than 4 mistakes.


There is no time limit on this, so be sure to take your time on these. The HOS solutions are randomized, so the ones you see on Youtube will probably be different from what you get. Just try to be 100% sure when you click on something. You can make up to THREE mistakes and still get the achievement.


144140-lo.jpg Eagle-eyed 75

Finish any Hidden Object Puzzle in less than 1 minute.


The Hidden Object Scenes are a simple puzzle of finding hidden inside a large mess. For some of the items, you may need to interact with another item first to unlock the "full" version (for instance, grabbing a key to open a lock) before it is available to be picked up. These items will be listed in blue. For this achievement, you can make as many mistakes as you need so long as you find all the items inside a minute.


Some of the HOPs are static and the same for every player, so check this guide for those instances and you can complete them quickly that way. You can also pause the game and that will pause the achievement timer, allowing you to spend much more than one minute figuring things out. The pause screen only covers a small portion of the right side, so you can still see much of the puzzle to find what you need.


144141-lo.jpg Beginner Prospector 50

Find one Rose symbol.


See "Master Collector" for more info.


144142-lo.jpg Experienced Collector 75

Find half of the Rose symbols.


See "Master Collector" for more info.


144143-lo.jpg Master Collector 100

Find all of the Rose symbols.


There are 31 Rose symbols to find. Simply follow this guide on Steam to find them all. Be sure to make this the first thing you do when you come to a new scene, as this game has very little back tracking and you could miss out on one if you don't grab it right away.


144144-lo.jpg Winner! 75

Complete the game.


Story related and can not be missed.


144145-lo.jpg Expert Gamer 100

Complete the game on expert difficulty


You can start on Expert difficulty, so be sure to do so when you start your adventure. You should have little trouble, even without a written guide (which I was unable to find online, though there are some Youtube options). Expert difficulty really only comes into play during HOPs in that too many mistakes in a row will leave your screen blurry for a few seconds. Hardly hinders you at all. You can use as many hints outside of puzzles as you'd like to find you way to the next objective, though it takes a few seconds to recharge between uses.

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This Achievement Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member BiggD and has been published as the Official XboxAchievements.com Achievement Guide and Roadmap! The link to the Official Guide is here:


Official XboxAchievements.com Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Achievement Guide and Roadmap


Please post any updates within the Updates & Corrections: Guides & Roadmaps thread.


Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides and Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.


You may request for those to be edited/updated within that forum as well.


We look forward to your future submissions!

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