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I was rewatching some pre-release trailers for The Evil Within 2. Eventually, I came across the E3 2017 Extended Gameplay trailer and I noticed that the Effigy boss made an appearance inside of Theodore's stronghold. You can see for yourself at the 1:08 mark in the video below:







In the final game, the Effigy boss doesn't show up until later on in Chapter 15 when Myra spawns it in Union. In the pre-release trailer, it looks as if you fight the Effigy within an enclosed pit at Theodore's stronghold. It seems like a very narrow area without much breathing room. But in the final game you're fighting the Effigy around a small neighborhood block and you can run/hide from it and break its line of sight pretty easily, then you can shoot and deal damage to the Effigy from afar without much of a hassle.


Is anyone else aware of alternate or cut content like this that didn't make it into the final game? You might be able to find some more in other trailers or old concept art. I haven't noticed anything else aside from fighting the Effigy boss in a different location.

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