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Problems with an achievement guide/road map? Let us know here.


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In the same vein as every other thread in this forum, if you see a small typo or error in an achievement guide, let us know here.


- If you have a guide you want to post or a lengthy correction that won't fit in one post, please use the Submit forum. (click)

- Make sure the problem is with the mainpage guide (click), NOT the stickied thread. We will eventually fix all of the forum guides to match the mainpage ones, but that's not going to be for a while.

- For information on how to write a guide, see this thread (click)


If you give us a method, link, or whatever that we didn't know about, you will be credited in the guide.


If you submitted a guide in the Submit forum, we have it. There's a massive backload at the moment, and we may not get it up or even get to looking at it for a few weeks, especially if it's an old game. If you're truly concerned with the fate of your guide, feel free to pm me. Please note that I'm not a mod outside of the Guide Team board (which you can't see), I can't sticky your guide or anything like that.


If you made a guide in a board that isn't dead, we probably know about it and are prepared to sticky it when we feel it's ready. If it's in a board that is dead, feel free to notify us of it here, but we still won't sticky it unless we think it's ready to be.




EDIT: This is not where you tell us you're working on a guide or if a guide is lacking. This is for typos/inaccuracies and corrections only. Anything else, post here (click).

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I think the Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD Remix Guide needs to be enhanced a little bit. I mean, look at the description for one of the hardest achievements in the game, Chain of Jewels..., which requires you to get a chain of 7 in X or X' mode:


In X mode for 5 to 7 chains you need those circle gems.


No tips on how to get it or anything. This is the same description for the Chain, Chain, Chain, achievement, which is a chain of 5.


I'm not sure if this is a "problem", but I do feel that this guide needs to be enhanced with more tips on how to actually get the achievements.


~J Lo

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Mr. Driller Online - Brainy Quest Genius


The explanation in the guide (on the front page) is wrong, but the explanation in the guide (in the forum) is right. The following is the correct explanation taken from http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=65046:


http://tiles.xbox.com/tiles/Cs/uT/14CLiGJhbC9BFQUXXFJRF0JDL2FjaC8wLzUAAAAA5+fn+LzLEQ==.jpg Brainy Quest Genius

20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg Complete 10 consecutive Quests.

In the single player game mode, select any character and you will be at the level select screen. Press up or down and the levels will switch to the "Quest" stages. During a Quest stage you will be asked to perform certain objectives, like Break X Blocks or Get to the Bottom Using Y Air Capsules. You have to perform 10 of these objectives consecutively to get credit for the achievement. This is only possible on a Quest stage of 1000m or higher. This must be done in a single round.

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About my Devil May Cry 4 achievement guide...


http://xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/296/+sghUg==.jpgRock and a Hard Place 10 http://xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpg

Clear Mission 11 in Son of Sparda Mode


http://xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/296/+QnQdA==.jpgEasier Said Than Done 10 http://xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpg

Clear Mission 11 in Dante Must Die Mode


These achievements have the exact same description as this achievement.


http://xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/296/+Oko5w==.jpgHardly A Simple Task 30 http://xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpg

Clear All Missions in Son of Sparda Mode


This mode is unlocked after beating the game on Devil Hunter. Starting on Son of Sparda, the enemies begin to do much more damage to you, and become much more aggressive. In several areas, the enemy placement is much different, so as to include more difficult demons in more areas. Be careful, and don't be afraid to use an item if you have to.


The description for these achievements are off. If it would be possible to change the descriptions to See "Easier Said Than Done", it would be great. :p

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Cloning Clyde issue, you don't unlock mutant clyde until you get the dupliclone dash achievement. The guide up thinks you can use the mutant powers to do the dupliclone dash achievement which is incorrect


http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/36/0ICLiGJh.jpgD.N.Ain't16 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpgBecome a Mutant-Clyde.Finish the game by beating the level Clyde Kong and unlocking the achievement King of all Clyde-Dumb. Then access the menu and select the cheat Mutant Clyde. Upon returning to the game you should unlock the achievement.http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/36/1ICLiGJh.jpgDupliclone Dash18 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpgComplete levels 1-24 and 10 Challenge levels under par time.Each level has a time trial. You need to complete each level and each challenge under this par time for the achievement. The simplest way to do this is the unlock the cheat Mutant Clyde. This gives you access to all powers throughout the level giving you the ability to fly and making things much simpler. The time required are as shown below.



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Viva Pinata guide:

Get 2 different species of Piñatas to evolve into a new species. Evolutions include:

  • Candary: Have your Sparrowmint eat a buttercup flower and it will change into a Candary.
  • Juicy Goose: Have your Quackberry eat a Gooseberry and it will evolve into a Juicy Goose.
  • Lackatoad: Direct your Lickatoad to eat a Nightshade fruit and then quickly equip your shovel and tap it on the head. It will become a Lackatoad. You want to do this before it becomes poisoned.
  • Pigxie: You have to cross romance a Swanana and a Rashberry. You will need both of them to have hearts above their head, and have purchased and built the Mystery House.
  • Redhott: Select a Taffly and direct it to a torch. Once it flies through and catches fire equip your Water Can and wait for it to land. As soon as the Taffly lands pour water on it to put the fire out. The Taffly will then become a Redhott.
  • Salamango: Have your Newtgat eat a Chili and it will change into a Salamango.
  • Zumbug: Direct your Horstachio to eat both a Blackberry and a Daisy flower and it will become a Zumbug.
  • Twingersnap: Romance two Syrupants. Watch the egg that follows and right before it hatches, you will see it make three large bounces. On the third bounce, hit it with your shovel. A twingersnap will hatch. Don't confuse the hop-hop-hop with the normal bouncing of the egg.
  • Fourheads: Same as above but you have to romance two Twingersnaps.

Pigxie doesn't count as an evolution, as I have all of the listed (8/9) except for the Fourheads and I still don't have the Master Evolver achievement which requires 8 evolutions. Pigxie is just a cross-breeding pinata, not a valid evolution.



EDIT: And since this is being fixed anyway, it'd be much more helpful to throw in how to get a Chewnicorn resident for the Chewnicorn Healing achievement.


How about changing it from this:

Find a sick Piñata. Now direct Chewnicorn to the sick Piñata and the Chewnicorn will heal it.


to this:

In order to gain a Chewnicorn resident, the following must be done:

Appear Requirements

Has gotten the Horstachio Master Romancer award

Visit Requirements

Have a gem tree in the garden

Resident Requirements

Has eaten 15 gems

Have a fully grown gem tree in the garden

(courtesy of PinataIsland.info)


Once you have a Chewnicorn as a resident, find a sick Piñata. Now direct Chewnicorn to the sick Piñata and the Chewnicorn will heal it.



Credited PinataIsland.info for their information and what not.

Edited by Otisbum
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http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/197/UPgE9iQ=.jpgBarrel SSC Challenger25 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpgDestroy 500 barrels in ranked SSC Challenge matchesThis takes the longest out of the 4 DLC achievements simply as you only get a few barrels a stage. The fastest way to do this is to boost it with 3 others on the Warehouse 2 level. There are about 15 barrels right at the end of it that continuous respawn after about 20 seconds. If all four of you run to the end and then take it in turns to blow up the barrels (It only takes one shot as they are so close together) then you should have this in about 15-20 minutes.


This is what is in the guide and the numbers are wrong. I counted and there are 12 barrels at the end, I know it says about but thought you would want precise number, and they respawn every 40 seconds not 20. In one round 1 person can destroy 132 barrels which would take almost 4 rounds per person at 15 minutes a round. So boosting would take 1 hour per person or 4 hours of play.


I also want to write a detailed guide on this with an even faster method but I am not completely sure if it would be worth it as this method is ok i guess.

Edited by Dragon Viper
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Just wondering when there will be a guide for "viking:battle for asgard"???? It came out way before gta and iron man. I can see gts being done but iron man?????? Is it in the works?:confused:
wrong thread man. Go try complaining in that game's thread.

edit: or make one yourself. We arn't here to serve you, we are all here to serve eachother. welcome to the family.


double edit: sorry, didnt realize that your new here. I was a bit harsh lulz. make sure to introduce yourself here at the link below and remember, we are working hard to fulfill youre inner achievement whore. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=151

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sorry about that. didnt realize i could make one and post it. Also no prob about what was said. I still dont fulliuly know how to navigate this site. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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Two things:


1. The Texas Hold'em guide says the Luck Of The Draw achievement is glitched, is it still this way? It's not on the Unachievable Achievements list and I know a few people who have it.



2. Outpost Kaloki has the last two achievements on the list down as "(Unable to achieve)", yet we have people with 200 in the game on the leaderboards. If the guide says that because the guide writer himself hasn't yet achieved them, we need someone who does have them to write something for the guide.


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Didn't know where to post this. There is an error in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 achievment guide. The same description for "Soother" is used for "My Friend". Just thought you guys may want to know.


EDIT: I just realised that the UMK3 guide is full of fail. Read it. The descriptions are all mixed up. Seriously, i think you guys are just slacking off :p.

Edited by Lordvader178
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To add to what was just said above, something went wrong with the UMK3 guide I submitted.

- The description for Soother has been copied to My Friend.

- The description for My Friend is gone.

- The description for Combo Number 5 was copied into Double Time.

- The description for Double Time is under Century

- The description for Century is gone.


I also noticed two small typos with the Gears of War guide.

- The description for It's A Massacre: Do no chainsaw downed enemies or they will count as an execution kill. (Obviously, should be "not").

- The description for The Money Shot: Headshots are when the head of the enemy blows up and the rest of the body remains attack. (I think it means "intact").


There are also some typos in the Assassin's Creed Guide.

- Defender of the People: Damascus: Just save every civilian in the poor, middle and rich districts of Dasmascus. (Should be Damascus).

- In the notes at the end of the guide: When killing Robert de Sable, watch out for a glitch by the two acrhers that may cause you to fall into the floor. If youve fallen foul to this you will need to take you HDD to a mates houe and complete it there. Or it has been suggested to use a Lens cleaning Device.


There are also some typos in the Marathon: Durandal Guide

- Seven: this must be done in the campaign. (Should be capitalized).

Edited by Andrew x360a
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In the NFS: ProStreet Guide there it states there are no tips for the "Clutch" acheivement. My tip would be to make sure you release the gas before you hit the clutch button (RB by default) otherwise you will overshoot the shift.


Also there is an error for the "Drift Master," "Drag Master," "Grip Master," and "Speed Master" acheivements. You must beat enough track recods for that event to unlock these. You can actually win/dominate every Race Day but not unlock these (however very unlikely). You must beat 10 track records within the Race Days.


Just for an example, to unlock the Speed Master acheivement, you must unlock Nitrocide Org. This is done by beating 10 track recods in the Speed Category (Speed Challenges and Top Speed Runs).

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The achievement "Hot Potato" needs to be reworded.


(Original) -Pick up and return 5 live grenades.

This must be done during one level, not over the course of the game. There is a balcony in the top floor of a house where you end up on the first level of the game, and you are charged with holding the position with your comrades. Stand at the balcony and enemy grenades will be thrown at you. Simply throw them away and you will recieve this achievement.


(New) -Pick up and return 5 live grenades.

This achievement must be done during one level in the game, not over the course of the game. The easiest way to achieve this is to start up a level and throw a grenade at a wall and pick it back up and throw it away. Simply do this 5 times and you will get this achievement.

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My Civilization Revolution Guide took up more posts than I expected, so I had to put some more of it farther down in one of my posts...I was wondering if you guys could move that post up to be correctly underneath the rest of the guide. And maybe if you could insert another of my posts underneath that one as well, jus in case? Thanks a bundle.

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Guide: GTA: IV


Achievement: One hundred and eighty.

Problem: The guide says to hold LT to steady your aim. Its actually RT.


Achievement: It'll cost you.

Problem: "When you see a taxi drive past you, you can hail it by pressing , then enter it by walking up to it and holding down http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/y.png." I think the correct button is LB.

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